SLIDESHOW: Why some people prefer to travel on these 1

SLIDESHOW: Why some people prefer to travel on these

Pick a problem, any problem; chances are Filipinos have a way around it.

Traffic, flood, MRT congestion, long queues? Here's the Filipinos' answer.

In the country’s capital city of Manila, people enjoy a unique form of alternative transportation. People make their way in and out of the city through the most unlikely means: The trolley. These are improvised modes of transport that run on the very tracks used by the trains of the Philippine National Railways (PNR).

The trolleys are controversial on many levels. Critics say they are are flimsy and dangerous. But supporters of trolleys claim there are no reported accidents.

Passengers say trolleys are very efficient. While some foreigners may feel that riding on trolleys is an extreme sport, it has become a part of life of many Filipinos, taking them to their places of work or school, without the hassles of traffic. It’s also cheaper than traditional modes of transportation. Residents along the tracks, for their part, have learned to co-exist with trains and trolleys, alike.

For those operating the trolleys, it is a means of livelihood, one trip at a time.

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