Hospitals are now on high alert, with the number of firecracker-related injuries expected to rise as Filipinos welcome the new year.

Medical institutions are on "code white" alert, which means all resident physicians are on duty and additional medical personnel have been deployed. Other medical staff are on call.

At the usually busy Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRMMC), a specific area for firecracker-related injuries has been placed at the emergency room.

The tools for amputation procedures are all set, such as the bone saw used for severing bones, an air drill for bone alignment, and bolt cutters used to remove metals from the injured hand.

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At East Avenue Medical Center, an 11-year-old was admitted due to a firecracker (piccolo) injury.


A patient with a badly cut finger should be brought to the hospital within six hours for higher chance of reimplantation.

"Pero kung wala naman syang daloy ng dugo wala din, mamatay din. Maibalik natin yung porma [pero] wala namang pakiramadam , wala rin siyang galaw, wala ring silbi [But if blood is not flowing, the limb can be lost. We can reattach it, but there will be no more sensation. You can't move it, it will be useless]," Dr. Mark Anthony Arias of JRMMC said.

Doctors have also advised victims to clean the wounds with running water to remove the toxic elements from the firecracker.

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Doctors added that egg whites may be used as first aid for watusi ingestion.

"Yung egg itself pwede siyang magcoat dun sa watusi para hindi maabsorb ng tiyan [The egg can coat the watusi so it is not absorbed by the stomach]," Arias said.

-ANC's News Now, December 31, 2015