Lawyer wants 'Acts of God' removed from contracts


Posted at Oct 15 2014 03:57 PM | Updated as of Oct 15 2014 11:57 PM

MANILA - Lawyer Romulo Macalintal is urging the removal of the words “Acts of God” in insurance contracts to describe typhoons, earthquakes, flooding, and other similar risks.

In a statement, Macalintal said it would be best to use “fortuitous events,” which can refer to unforeseen risks covered by insurance.

He said such acts are caused by men’s relentless destruction of nature.

“God never intended bodies of waters to be reclaimed for commercial purposes nor trees that would hold water to be indiscriminately cut. In one study it was said that human activities like coal mining, and oil and gas production are causes of earthquakes or temblors which are called ‘human-triggered earthquakes,’” said Macalintal, who once lawyered for the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

He said a “merciful” God should never be blamed for such calamities.

“The loss of lives and properties due to these unfortunate events should not and must not be attributed to God nor should it be said that these are ‘Acts of God’ because God never wished to destroy His creations,” he added.

Macalintal voiced out his concern amid the increase in insurance coverage due to frequent flooding in the metro.

“As we pride ourselves as one of the largest Christian and Catholic countries in the world, it is high time that we spearhead this move to delete the phrase ‘Acts of God’ in describing unforeseen calamities in our insurance contracts for it is a shame for us humans to practically blame God for these human-triggered tragedies,” he said.