Ruling vs TV episode on marijuana use affirmed


Posted at Oct 12 2010 03:18 AM | Updated as of Oct 12 2010 11:18 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The Court of Appeals has affirmed a 2006 decision of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) suspending the showing of “The Correspondents” for 3 consecutive episodes for airing scenes that project smoking marijuana is an enjoyable activity.

In a 12-page decision, the appellate court said the Office of the President did not commit any error of fact or law when it upheld an MTRCB decision in 2006 against the “Pinoy Rasta” episode of The Correspondents.

In that episode, a man was shown preparing and smoking marijuana in the presence of his father, which the MTRCB ruled as violation of Presidential Decree 1986 against the airing of scenes that tend to abet the use of prohibited drugs.

ABS-CBN had argued that the scenes should be taken in the proper context, saying the core issue of the episode is whether Filipinos who practice “raftafarianism” truly practice it as a religion, or they embrace it as an excuse to smoke marijuana.