EDSA traffic? Sotto suggests this drastic step


Posted at Sep 15 2015 06:13 PM | Updated as of Sep 16 2015 02:13 AM

As authorities try to solve the complex problem that is EDSA traffic, more suggestions surface.

Among recent suggestions is Senator Tito Sotto's: to declare Metro Manila a no-parking zone.

Sotto said in a Senate hearing that banning parking in major highways in Metro Manila will drastically reduce metro traffic.

"Declare Metro Manila a no-parking zone. I think you will remove a big portion of vehicles passing through EDSA," said Sotto.

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He said this is easier to implement than the earlier suggested odd-even or carpooling schemes.

Highway Patrol Group Chief, Chief Superintendent Arnold Gunnacao said Sotto's proposal may be a viable solution.

"If all our arteries, all our streets are cleared from all illegally parked vehicle, then true enough there will be smooth flow of traffic," Gunnacao said.

Last week, HPG took over traffic duties of Metro Manila Development Authority in EDSA.

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