Taxi driver in viral video faces frustrated murder rap

By Dharel Placido,

Posted at Aug 01 2014 03:02 PM | Updated as of Aug 02 2014 11:52 AM

MANILA – Bill Tan Ang, the man who claimed to be the gun-toting driver in a Facebook video that went viral, said he has filed a frustrated murder charge against the taxi driver who brandished a knife against him.

Speaking to dzMM, Bill said he only pointed the gun at the taxi driver, Glen Remetio, after the latter threatened to hurt him and his father with a knife.

In the footage, the SUV driver – whom the police and Remetio earlier said was Bill's cousin, Karlvin Ernest Ang – is seen kicking the door of the taxi in order to prevent the taxi driver from going out.

The SUV driver is then seen going back to his car to get his gun, which was placed inside a small bag.

Bill claimed he kicked the door and pulled out his gun out of fear that Remetio will stab him and his ailing father, Emilio, after he saw the taxi driver holding a knife. Emilio is supposedly the man in white shirt standing next to the SUV driver.

Bill also insisted that the gun he used was a toy gun he bought from a boy in Divisoria.

''Bigla akong sinalubong ng saksak. Eh syempre ilag ako, eh natakot ako, kasi tinamaan na ako eh. Eh natakot ako na pagbaba, sasaksakin ako. Baka kapag hindi ko na kaya, ang tatay ko naman tatamaan. Initial reaction ko is hindi siya pababain kaya sinipa ko ang pintuan,'' Bill said in an interview on dzMM.

Bill said he filed a frustrated murder charge because he sustained a wound on his torso and some cuts on his arms due to the confrontation.

He also claimed that it was the taxi driver who provoked him by cutting him off several times.

''Nakita ko siya na nagmumura sa bintana, maraming sinasabi. So hindi ko na siya pinansin... Nag-stay ako sa center lane hindi ako lumipat. Iyung taxi, parang umikot sa likod tapos lumipat sa rightmost lane, sabay cinut po ako ilang beses,'' he said.

Bill said it was at this point that he lost his temper so he alighted from his SUV to confront Remetio at the EDSA-Santolan flyover.

''Tinanong ko kung ano problema niya,'' he said.

Meanwhile, Bill said he is still puzzled why Remetio tagged his cousin, Karlvin, as the gun-toting driver of the SUV, which is owned by Primex Development Corp.

Bill said that a closer look at the video will show that the SUV driver and him have the same haircut and stance.

Karlvin, corporate secretary and director of Primex, said he initially got mad at his cousin for the incident.

Remetio already filed charges of malicious mischief, grave threats, and physical injuries against Karlvin.

Karlvin said he decided not to deactivate his Facebook account even if some netizens are already bashing him after his photo was released by the police earlier this week.

Bill, meanwhile, said he acted reasonably in the altercation but admitted he regrets that the incident happened.

''Pinagsisihan ko. Sana 'di na ako pumatol,'' he said.