2 Pasay concert victims suffered multiple organ damage


Posted at Jun 07 2016 04:44 PM | Updated as of Jun 07 2016 05:03 PM

MANILA - Two of the five people who died at the Close-Up Forever Summer concert succumbed to multiple organ failure after taking a cocktail of narcotics and liquor during the May 21 rave party in Pasay.

This was confirmed by the Philippine National Police Tuesday, based on results of the autopsy and toxicology examinations on Ken Miyagawa, 18; and Anthony Miller, 33.

In a press conference, PNP Crime Laboratory chief Supt. Manuel Aranas said among the drugs taken by the victims were amphetamine, para-methoxy amphetamine (PMA), methyline dioxy amphetamine (MD-MA) and methylene dioxy cathinone (MDC).

Miyagawa and Miller also had high levels of alcohol in their blood, which heightened the effects of the drugs.

Aranas said the victims' hearts were damaged, possibly due to the irregular heart rate triggered by the drugs.

The PNP Crime Lab also discovered that the hearts of both victims showed signs of fibrosis, or a thickening and scarring of connective tissue -- a typical indication of habitual drug use.

Their brains, meanwhile, had an excessive amount of fluid. Their lung and kidney tissues were also damaged while their bodies showed signs of dehydration.

The findings on Miyagawa and Miller are consistent with the indications of massive heart attack that the National Bureau of Investigation earlier found in two other concert-goers, Lance Garcia and Bianca Fontejon.

A fifth victim was identified as Ariel Leal.

The families of the fatalities are now preparing a class suit against the organizers of the open-air festival. -- With reports from Raphael Bosano, ABS-CBN News; Jon Ibañez, dzMM