Jobless ma gives birth to quintuplets, seeks help


Posted at Apr 27 2009 04:09 PM | Updated as of Apr 29 2009 04:48 PM

A 27-year-old jobless woman gave birth prematurely to quintuplets in a Manila hospital Sunday.

Lorita Barrera said she expected to give birth to quadruplets based on her ultrasound results. Little did she know that the expected four babies were actually five and that she would give birth a month before reaching full term.

"We were really expecting quadruplets. We don't know how we're going to support them," she said a day after giving birth at the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center.

Doctors said at least three of the babies had underdeveloped lungs and would require medical attention. All five of the babies have been placed in incubators.

"There's a chance that they will survive as long as there are no complications. They're only 33 weeks old so their lungs aren't fully developed," one doctor said.

Barrera said she and her husband, Gary, have no idea how they would pay for their hospital bills since they are both out of work. She said her babies will need daily doses of surfactant, which cost P2,000 ($41) each, in order to survive.

At least one good Samaritan has heeded Barrera's call after hearing her story on radio dzMM. On Monday afternoon, a man gave Barrera an undisclosed sum for her medical bills.

"I know you don't know me but thank you for helping me. Thank you so much," she said in Tagalog.

She said she will continue to ask for donations until she and the babies are safely home.