Health office inspects coffee shop in Mandaluyong


Posted at Jan 28 2016 09:54 PM

MANILA - Members of the Health and Sanitation Office of Mandaluyong City has inspected the Starbucks Coffee branch in Addition Hills, following a complaint by a customer who allegedly found a dead rat in her drink.

The branch previously declined inspection, adding that they first wanted to check the authenticity of the mission order.

In a cellphone video showed to the media, a barista demonstrated how to make the drink ordered by the complainant. The health officials said that based on the demonstration, it is impossible for a rat or any kind of insect to be mixed with the drink.

The officials also inspected the branch's kitchen and storage room, and found no irregularities.

"Base doon sa nakita namin, sa inspeksiyon namin, 'yung Starbucks, as of now, as of this time of inspection, is malinis, maayos na nagawa ang lahat ng mga requirements. Ang responsibility lang namin diyan is to check 'yung nirereklamong area, 'yung lugar, which we already did," Dr. Pecos Camarines, Mandaluyong Health Officer, said.

Starbucks Philippines has also released a statement, saying that it is taking such claims "very seriously," and has launched an investigation into the customer's complaint.


Meanwhile, the complainant, "Jessa," has experienced vomiting and dizziness after the incident.

After having her self checked, medical tests showed that she has symptoms of acute gastroenteritis and leptospirosis, a disease that is contracted from rats.

"Dirediretso pa rin 'yung pagsuka ko, pagsakit ng ulo, saka 'yung pahinang kumain. 'Yung gamot ko, through injection, then 'yung mga blood test, urine, 'yun 'yung mga inano nila sa akin," she said.

She also reiterated that her cup was sealed from the moment she left the coffee shop until she noticed the dead rat in her drink.

"Jessa" is currently under observation for five days for additional symptoms of the illness. - report from Kevin Manalo, ABS-CBN News