MMDA's final advisory on vehicle re-routing for 'Nazareno'


Posted at Jan 08 2014 09:38 AM | Updated as of Jan 09 2014 09:14 AM

Graphic by Angela Salano

MANILA - An updated advisory on the re-routing of vehicles for the Black Nazarene Fiesta was posted by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on its Twitter account this Wednesday, January 8.

As per today's final advisory, the vehicle re-routing for Thursday, January 9, would be as follows:

1. All vehicles coming from northern part of Manila intending to utilize the stretch of Bonifacio Drive (for Port Area offices) or right to A. Soriano to Magallanes Drive, right to P. Burgos, go straight to Lagusnilad to Taft Ave.

2. All vehicles coming from Taft Avenue northbound shall turn right at A. Villegas (Arroceros), right at Quezon Bridge to point of destination.

3. All vehicles coming from southern part of Manila intending to utilize the northbound of Roxas Blvd. from T. M. Kalaw to P. Burgos shall turn right to T.M. Kalaw to point of destination.

4. All vehicles coming from Quezon City using the stretch of Espana shall turn right P. Campa, left Andalucia, right Fuguso, left T. Mapua to point of destination.

5. All PUJ’s/light vehicles coming from Espana intending to proceed to South Pier Zone, take the usual route using Quezon Bridge.

6. All vehicles coming from Divisoria intending to utilize the stretch of C. Recto Avenue shall turn left to T. Alonzo, right at Furguso, right at Andalucia to point of destination.

7. All vehicles coming from Legarda shall turn right Recto or left Mendiola to point of destination.

8. All heavy vehicles/cargo trucks coming from the south shall take Pres. Osmena, right Pres. Quirino to Nagtahan via A.H. Lacson to Capulong (vice-versa).

Additional instructions were also posted for buses and motorists on accessibility of roads and alternate routes:

1. All motorists intending to proceed to North of Manila or South of Manila are advised to utilize the stretch of Lacson to Nagtahan (vice-versa) or to utilize the stretch of Road 10 to Roxas Blvd. (vice-versa) to point of destination.

2. All buses coming from southern part of Manila (Laguna and Cavite) utilizing Taft Ave. are not allowed to enter from 7:00 AM to 12:00 NN and allowed only up to Pres. Quirino as their turning point.