Topacio: I'll have my 'ball' cut off if Arroyos don't return


Posted at Nov 16 2011 10:45 AM | Updated as of Nov 17 2011 06:47 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio is very confident of the sincerity of the Arroyos, that he is willing to cut a “ball” off if they do not return as promised.

In a quirky moment during a serious discussion on ANC's Headstart about the Arroyos’ attempt to go abroad for medical purposes, Topacio said: “I’m willing to do the worst. Ipapatanggal ko itlog ko pag di bumalik ang mga Arroyo.”
He said he would not have accepted the case of the Arroyos if he knew they were not sincere. “I’m a good judge of character,” he claimed.
His statement earned comments from netizens. The hashtag #itlognitopacio has become a trending topic.
Jim Paredes, in his Twitter account, said: “Let GMA go as SC ordered. But pls guard Topacio's testes. National interest demands it. LOL.”
He later added, “I have heard of ppl giving an arm and a leg for a loved one. But a testicular offer for insurance is quite unique.”
Twitter user Paul Capundan added: “Para sa accountability kapag umalis si former PGMA, let's support atty.topacio in his effort to vouch for his client.”
Jel Palomares, for his part, said: “Tapos n kme magbreakfast usapang itlog p tlga...can't wait to see that egg removal..belo o calayan ang magaalis?!?!I wonder..”
Don Joseph Sebastian said: “Testicular craze happening right now.check your balls everyone, baka kunin ni Topacio as reserve yan!”
@IsdangMaharot said: “Insulto kay CGMA na isang itlog lang ni Topacio ang katumbas niya, if ever. He needs to think of somth better to amputate.”
@dreWolf added: “Would this be another "I lied!" ala-Miriam incident, Atty. Topacio? Better make good with your word!”
Professional Heckler said: “Atty Topacio didn't say kung sinong gusto n'yang tumanggal sa isang itlog n'ya. I'm not sure if Sec. De Lima's willing to do that.”