Karma in modern times: The case of PNoy's speechwriter

By Ira Pedrasa, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Posted at Nov 02 2010 02:40 PM | Updated as of Nov 03 2010 07:28 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The head of the Shambhala Buddhism, Sakyong Mipham, once said: Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.

But on the Internet, karma is very much noticed.

Netizens, it seems, still can’t get over the controversy fanned by the recent tweeting of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino’s speech writer Carmen “Mai” Mislang, despite issuing an apology, a defense from her bosses, and Malacanang’s decision to halt tweeting temporarily.

Mislang may have taken the beating already, no less from veteran journalist Ellen Tordesillas. The public, however, wants to have their opinions blasted on the Internet too.

Mislang recently posted in her Twitter account “The wine sucks” after the state banquet hosted by Vietnam President Nguyen Minh Triet in honor of Aquino.

She also tweeted: “Sorry pero walang pogi dito #vietnam.” (Sorry, there are no handsome men here.)

She also posted: “Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die.”

The comments in the Internet ranged from funny to downright hurtful. In fact, the comments would probably even push Mislang to take cover and lay low for a while.

As the popular web log, Professional Heckler, describes it: “Amid a storm of criticism over her controversial tweets, Asst. Sec. Mai Mislang has officially filed a leave of absence…from Twitter. Read here 

Public rant

On the wine tweet, Professional Heckler said Mislang probably knows more about wine than protocols.

On the lack of handsome men in Vietnam, the blogger said “Malacañang obviously failed to inform Mislang that the purpose of the state visit was to establish economic – not romantic ties with the Vietnamese.”

The blogger also made a tongue-in-cheek comment: “Rumors say Vietnamese nationals are willing to forgive Mislang…but only after she has tried crossing the streets of Hanoi.”

On a more serious note, the blogger said: “[A] Vietnamese blogger reportedly replied, ‘posting insensitive tweets during a state visit is one of the easiest ways to damage diplomatic ties.”

Facebook account

A Facebook page was also created alleging to be “Maria Carmen Mislang.” Read here

A few Photoshop tweaks here and there, Mislang is being shown as an uncouth, beer-hugging personality in her alleged Facebook account.

The account was created a few days after the controversy broke out.

One of the comments read: “[Mislang] is pretending to be a connoisseur, when she tasted Vietnam wine the first time in her life.”

The pseudo Mislang is even asking Facebook fans to ridicule her.