Blogger can't believe work was plagiarized


Posted at Aug 16 2012 02:42 PM | Updated as of Aug 17 2012 08:53 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Blogger Sarah Pope could not believe a “senator in the Philippines” plagiarized her blog posts in a speech.

Pope noticed she was getting so much Internet traffic from the Philippines after Alfredo Melgar of the Filipino Freethinkers alleged that Senator Vicente Sotto III plagiarized her posts.
In her Facebook account, which is linked to the blog “The Healthy Home Economist,” Pope said: “A Senator in the Philippines plagiarized one of my blog posts to use in a speech. Can’t even believe this!!!”
Her Facebook friends later joined in the fray and asked that she sue Sotto. 
She said, however, “I’m not going to sue anyone over this. It just feels very weird to be in the middle of the debate on a bill in the Philippines over women’s Reproductive Rights.”
Sotto had already denied this and said his speech came from a book of Dr. Natasha McBride, who is famous for developing a concept of gut and psychology syndrome.
In the questioned blog posts, Pope also quoted McBride.
Pope said she is not mad but “more amused than anything with his sobbing during the speech and all. I do feel bad for his loss of his son. I can’t imagine how incredibly difficult that would be.”
Sotto, in that speech, lambasted the Reproductive Health Bill. He later broke down in tears, recalling the death of his five-month-old son.
He said his son, who was supposed to be his and wife Helen Gamboa’s first child, was conceived even while she was taking the pill.
Reacting further to comments on her Facebook, Pope said: "I guess it doesn't matter where the readers come from in the end. The idea is to get the word out about healthy food and being aware of how damaging drugs like The Pill can be not only to ourselves but also how these choices can affect our children and even our grandchildren.”
She added the issue should not reflect on the Filipino people.
She said Sotto’s “actions in no way reflect on the integrity of the Filipino people for whom I have great admiration and respect. After all, this is THE home of coconut oil!!! :)”