Saint Cory Aquino? 2 miracles needed


Posted at Aug 08 2009 07:27 PM | Updated as of Aug 09 2009 09:21 AM

MANILA - One of the qualifications for sainthood is that a person must have performed 2 documented miracles, according to a Filipino priest.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Fr. Aris Sison, parish priest of the Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary in Quezon City, said any person or group can initiate a petition for canonization.

The Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish, located at Daily Mirror St., West Triangle, Quezon City, is also known as the parish of the late President Corazon Aquino.

A petition for Mrs. Aquino's canonization must begin at her diocese.

Mrs. Aquino died August 1 after an 18-month battle against colon cancer. Around 250,000 people joined her 8-hour, 20-kilometer funeral procession on August 5.

Fr. Aris noted that Mrs. Aquino was a very prayerful person, very simple, and very humble. He believes that Mrs. Aquino lived a holy life.

However, Fr. Sison said the process towards sainthood is a long one. It takes from 1 to 3 years for a group or individual to petition a person for sainthood.

The petition should be filed in the diocese where the candidate for canonization lived. In Mrs. Aquino's case, it is the Diocese of Cubao.

Fr. Sison said the process of canonization takes at least five years. The process is a long one because the petition must first be submitted to and then studied by the Vatican. The Vatican will undertake a thorough and rigorous screening of a candidate's life, a process that often takes years.

He said one of the qualifications is that the candidate must have performed 2 documented miracles.

Fr. Sison, former spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Manila, is a professor of media literacy, pastoral communication, Homiletics (study of sermons), and social communications.

The Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish was formally consecrated and dedicated by the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin in May 1992.

The first people power revolution at EDSA, which led to restoration of democracy under President Aquino, has often been referred to as a "miracle."Priests, nuns and ordinary citizens stopped military tanks and successfully prayed for a peaceful resolution of the political crisis.