Mike Arroyo in HK for treatment, vows to return

by RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 03 2011 01:37 PM | Updated as of Aug 04 2011 03:29 AM

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) - Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is now undergoing medical treatment and examination in Hong Kong after last Friday’s cervical spine surgery on Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In a statement, his lawyer Innocencio Ferrer Jr.  maintained Arroyo will however return to the country as soon as possible to face all
charges against him.

The couple has been in the middle of a political storm as they are besieged by allegations of corruption and electoral fraud.

Ferrer explained, “Mr. Arroyo’s check up in Hong Kong will be completed by tomorrow, 04 August 2011.  As soon as medical clearance is given, he will return to the Philippines to address the malicious issues raised against him. We assure the public that Mr. Arroyo ready to answer the false and baseless allegations hurled against him by people who want him dragged in the controversy they themselves created. “

Mr. Arroyo left  last Sunday for HK, 2 days after the successful cervical spine surgery on his wife, former President Gloria

“Having been assured that Mrs. Arroyo already surpassed the critical period of her operation, Mr. Arroyo immediately
proceeded to Hong Kong for his earlier postponed visit to his two (2) Hong Kong physicians, Dr. John Kwok and Dr. C.P. Lau.

Last Sunday, Mrs. Gloria Arroyo’s condition stabilized and she was released from the Intensive Care Unit and transferred to her private room,” Ferrer said.

Ferrer explained that the medical check-up is long overdue. Right about this same time last year, Arroyo was also in Hong Kong for a medical check-up.

“Mr. Jose Miguel T. Arroyo was supposed to have his long overdue medical check-up by his Hong Kong physicians last week. But due to the emergency operation or surgery on former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last Friday in St. Luke’s Hospital, Mr. Arroyo opted to remain with his wife until he is assured that she will be out of harm’s way.”

Ferrer recalled that  “Mr. Arroyo suffers from a “life-threatening” medical condition know as dissecting aortic aneurysm, a very serious heart ailment. It should be remembered that Mr. Arroyo had to undergo a ten-hour open heart surgery in 2007.  His doctors informed him that only five percent (5%) of patients survive this major operation, and fifty percent (50%) of these survivors die within five (5) years after the operation unless they take extra care of their health.”

In an earlier statement though, Ferrer indicated Arroyo’s attendance in a Senate inquiry on the allegedly anomalous purchase of choppers by the PNP remains iffy as of this time and is up to his doctors.

Reached via text messaging, Ferrer  said, “because of his serious 'life threatening' medical heart condition which required major surgery (dissecting aortic aneurysm), only Mr. Arroyo’s physicians can make that decision on his attendance to (the) Senate inquiry. He is undergoing further medical treatment and examination due to the stress of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo’s equally serious major life threatening surgery last Friday in St. Luke’s Fort Bonifacio.”