'Halili-Kho sex video spurs copycats'

by Carmela Fonbuena, abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak

Posted at Jun 11 2009 08:24 PM | Updated as of Jan 08 2018 11:07 AM

MANILA - A party-list congressman on Thursday claimed that instead of discouraging people, the Katrina Halili-Dr. Hayden Kho sex scandal only seemed to have whetted people’s appetite to have their own sex videos.

Buhay party-list Rep. Irwin Tieng, who made the issue a personal advocacy a year ago, noted that recent "bizarre" sex video scandals, one involving two policemen, and another involving a couple who had group sex with their maid,  showed that people are becoming brazen about their sex adventures.

"Probably realizing that there is no specific law covering sex video acts, people are seemingly more emboldened to videotape their or other people’s private sex acts,’’ said Tieng, primary author of the so-called Anti-Cyber-Boso Bill.

Tieng’s House Bill 4315, which passed second reading in Congress last week,  criminalizes the recording of "private act or acts and other violations of the privacy of an individual’’ by means of mobile phones or video cameras.

The bill sets a penalty of up to six years imprisonment and a fine of up to P500,000. Buhay party-list Reps. Rene M. Velarde and Ma. Carissa O. Coscolluela co-authored the bill.

"The passage of House Bill 4315 into law remains the best deterrent to people who have the penchant to seriously violate other people’s privacy. I am optimistic my colleagues in the House and the Senate will give priority to this bill when session resumes in July,’’ said Tieng, who has helped numerous victims of sex video scandals after filing the bill in February 2008.


A couple, Quezon and Melva Cunanan of Sampaloc Manila, were charged with rape this week for allegedly forcing their 18-year-old maid to have a threesome, which they claimed started after the three of them watched a Halili-Kho sex video. They also took videos of their sex acts.

Shortly after the Halili-Kho scandal hit the news, two police officers--Paul Untal and John Ripdos--were charged with raping an applicant for police service inside Camp Fermin G. Lira in General Santos City and for videotaping the incident.