(UPDATE) Sex, drugs and dousing incident mark Hayden probe


Posted at May 28 2009 05:05 PM | Updated as of May 29 2009 09:11 PM

Allegations of drug abuse, sexual impropriety and even a water-dousing incident marked Thursday the Senate joint committee probe on the brewing sex video scandal involving celebrity doctor Hayden Kho.

Kho, 29, and sexy actress Katrina Halili, 23, traded accusations on the Senate floor with Kho accusing the actress of influencing him to use drugs while Halili accused Kho of betraying her trust for releasing their videos online.

Kho said he made at least four videos with Halili, only one of which was a sex video. He also admitted that he made some of the sex videos while under the influence of drugs.

"I myself don't know why I made these videos. I have been undergoing psychotherapy to know why I do such things and why men and women do such things," Kho said during the Senate committee hearing.

"I am not attributing drugs as my reason for taking the sex videos. These are things that I am very, very ashamed of. I am not proud of these videos," he added.

Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. earlier revealed that Kho made at least 40 videos of his sexual trysts with various women including Halili. Several of the videos have spread virally on the Internet through various file-sharing sites.

Kho said only two people - Eric Johnston Chua and Herbert “Bistek” Rosario - could have distributed the videos, which were stored in his hard drive. He said his hard drive went missing last December 2008 after he had a falling-out with his girlfriend, Dr. Vicki Belo.

Belo-Kho sex video

In her affidavit before the Senate, Belo admitted that she and Kho also had a sex video together. She said, when she broke up with Kho, she had asked Chua and Rosario to retrieve their private video from Kho's computers and hard drive and delete it.

Belo and Kho reportedly broke up after the former discovered his affair with Halili.

Belo maintained that the computers and hard drive were property of the Belo Medical Group.

“Since I owned the apartment where Hayden was staying and where most likely the computers and hard drives were located, I gave them the key to the apartment,” she said.

She said Kho’s friends took three computers and a hard drive from the apartment and brought them to her house.

“The computers did not contain the video I was looking for. Unfortunately Eric, Bistek and I could not access the hard drive because it was protected by a password. Eric, being in the computer business, volunteered to find a computer expert who could gain access into Hayden’s hard drive to enable us to obtain the video file,” she said.

Eventually, the female doctor said Chua and the computer expert were able to gain access to the hard drive. She said she was not present when Chua retrieved the video since she went out and had dinner with friends.

She said Chua later gave her a DVD, which she initially thought only contained her sex video. She said this made her “furious” since she instructed Chua to delete it.

Later, when she played the DVD, she said she was “shocked” and “appalled” to find out that the DVD contained Kho’s sex videos with other women including Halili.

She said “because of her anger” she destroyed the DVD and hard drive and “threw them away.”

“The DVD and the hard drive were the only items which contained the videos that came into my possession. And I have never distributed or authorized anyone to distribute or make copies of the aforesaid videos or DVDs,” she said.


Kho confessed that he fooled around and was unfaithful to Belo.

In August 2007, Kho said he began taking illegal drugs “but I would only take drugs whenever I was with Ms. Katrina Halili.” He said his affair with Halili ended in December 2007.

In February 2008, Kho, who admitted that he was depressed, said he got hooked with ecstasy and had an affair with different women. “I’m started buying my own (drugs) from then on. I made a lot of foolish mistakes, lots of sins, iba’t ibang babae. Naging reckless ‘yong behavior ko. Maraming tao ang nagagalit sa akin… pati ‘yong girlfriend ng kabarkada ko nagkaroon kami ng affair.”

He said there were four of them in a group – the cosmetic surgeon, Chua, Rosario and an unidentified male.

He said, in December 2008, the cosmetic surgeon’s affair with the friend’s girlfriend came out. He said, while he was being confronted by his other friend, he knew that Chua and Rosario were already talking to Belo.

“Sinabi sa akin ng kaibigan ko, ‘kinuha na nila ‘yong laptop mo at hard drive mo,’” he said.

Since he was very “ashamed” of what he did, he said he attempted to commit suicide by taking 30 pieces of Valium. He was rushed to Makati Medical Center and was discharged before Christmas.


In January 2009, Kho said he was able to talk to Belo and confront Chua and Rosario.

“Sobrang galit ko tinawagan ko si Bistek. Sinigawan ko si Bistek. Binaba namin ang phone. After a few minutes, tumawag si Eric Chua kay doktora Belo. Gusto daw niya akong makausap…

“Sabi sa akin ni Eric Chua, ‘dahan-dahan ka sa pagkilos mo. Baka hindi mo alam, may hawak kaming videos against you. Pwede namin itong ilabas kahit kailan para siraan ka. Kaya mag-ingat ka.’”

'I felt betrayed'

Kho said it was Halili who taught her to use ecstasy after he did liposuction on the actress two years ago.

An emotional Halili, however, denied ever using illegal drugs and influencing Kho to take the same. She said she felt betrayed after learning that the man she loved videotaped their most intimate moments together.

In her opening statement before the Senate committee investigating the sex scandal involving her and Kho, Halili reiterated that the sex video was done without her knowledge and consent.

“Wala po akong malay na ang bawat yakap at halik ay scripted. Buong buo kong binigay ang puso at kaluluwa ko sa isang lalaki na gumagawa pala ng sarili niyang pelikula,” she said.

She said Kho made her believe that he loved her, too. The actress admitted that she was easily swayed by Kho because she was still young at that time.

“Minahal ko po si Hayden. Bata po ako kaya nga po madaling nalagyan ng piring ang aking mga mata para isiping ako lang ang nagmamay-ari ng puso niya… ako daw ang prinsesa niya sa ikalawa niyang mundo. Bata pa po ako. Madali niya akong napaniwala,” she said.

She also slammed Kho and his mother, Irene, for accusing her of influencing the cosmetic surgeon to take illegal drugs. Halili denied ever using illegal drugs.

She lamented that she would forever be a victim in this sex scandal. She said that she had lost endorsements and had been afraid of going out because of the public humiliation caused by the videos.

“Hanggad ko po ang hustisya. Kahit alam ko pong habang-buhay ko ng dadalhin ang ginawa sa akin. Patay na po ako pero may video pa din at Internet,” she said.

The actress reiterated her call for the revocation of Kho’s license. She also said she wants the cosmetic surgeon to be put behind bars for what he did.

She also pressed the Senate to pass a stronger law that will protect women against sex videos.