Statement of CJ Corona on Ombudsman's testimony


Posted at May 14 2012 08:28 PM | Updated as of May 15 2012 04:29 AM

Below is the official statement of Chief Justice Renato Corona on Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales' testimony on Monday before the impeachment court:

The initial testimony of the Honorable Ombudsman is quite unfortunate, if not very malicious.

I don't know how she came up with her own mathematical equation.

She made a hodgepodge out of the accounts, making her numbers chaotic.

The number of accounts alone is at best ridiculous.

Her PowerOoint diagram is a lantern of lies which only messed up her presentation, contrary to what some believe now as damning evidence.

Either she does not know what she is talking about, or is purposely misleading the Impeachment Court and the public.

Is she even privy to how the AMLC arrived at the bloated numbers?

We will debunk all her bloated numbers.

And once she is proven wrong, I urge her to immediately resign from her post for allowing herself to be used by this Administration and making a laughingstock of "government auditing."

Indeed, this is another LRA hoax!