Duterte may impose curfew on minors, ban loud karaoke


Posted at May 11 2016 01:16 AM | Updated as of Oct 03 2016 12:32 PM

Duterte gov't may also ban loud karaoke

MANILA - Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte plans to impose a nationwide curfew on minors, replicating that of Davao City's, according to his spokesperson Peter Laviña.

In an interview on Tuesday, Laviña said Duterte is eyeing a nationwide curfew for minors starting 10 p.m.

Laviña said the curfew will only affect unescorted minors.

"The curfew is principally for minors, unescorted minors past 10 p.m. It does not bar minors with their parents and their guardians," Laviña said.

"This is to make sure that our children are in their homes or sleeping already to prepare for the next day school," he added.

Laviña said Duterte may also impose a ban on loud karaoke starting 9 p.m.

Aside from the nationwide curfew, Duterte is also considering a nationwide liquor ban as part of efforts to curb criminality.

Laviña said the mayor wants to replicate a Davao City ordinance that prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m.

"We have to work the next day, all the waiters, the staff of the restaurants and hotels have to work, as well as the customers," he said.

Laviña pointed out that the liquor ban will only involve the sale of liquor and consumption in public.

"[This has] nothing to do about denying us of our freedoms. When you go home, you can of course drink to your heart's content in your own private homes. The ban on liquor sale, drinking is only in public places," he explained.

Laviña said these measures may be adopted nationwide after consultation with concerned parties.

During the election campaign, Duterte has repeatedly promised to end crime, drugs and corruption in government in three to six months. - with a report from ANC