Duterte tells businessmen: We are womanizers


Posted at Apr 27 2016 05:50 PM

While speaking before members of the business community, presidential bet Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte defended his reputation as a womanizer, even accusing his audience of being the same.

"Wala namang nakikialam sa babae, kasi lahat naman, may babae talaga," Duterte said, drawing laughter from the audience, mostly belonging to the Makati Business Club (MBC)

"Wag mo na akong lokohin; diretso-diretso tayo," he added.

Despite the serious nature of the event, Duterte dropped expletives and controversial statements.

"How many years have you been barren? 30 years? Tapos sabihin mo, we still can make it, we do it everyday. E p*****i**, kabulador mo. L*tse."

The tough-talking mayor also defended his demeanor, after drawing flak for profanity-filled speeches and a controversial rape remark.

"Hindi ako gutter; nagsasabi ako ng totoo. I just call a spade, a spade and I am not into euphemisms," he said.

Duterte recalled before the captains of industries in MBC his efforts in saving the Australian missionary Jaqueline Hamill and other hostages from the hands of the Federico Pugoy and other inmates inside Davao Metrodiscom in 1989.

"Nakikita mo, and eventually namatay sa harap mo. Pinakuha ko sa pulis, sabi ko ‘ceasefire tayo; kunin mo 'yung patay'," he said.

"Lumuhod ako, umiyak ako because I felt that it was not the time for the child to die," he added.

Enraged, he recalled saying "alam mo buti pa ‘tong mga p*****i**ng panget na ‘to, naunahan pa ang mayor."

He compared it to saying "‘buti pa ‘tong animal na ‘to: panget naman, ang ganda ng asawa' and a sketch of 'buti pa ito: hindi pa nagbayad, nauna pang kumain.'"

"You are derogating his manhood," Duterte said, adding that it was the kind of speech he knew from childhood.

He also explained that he retold his heroics in a campaign rally on April 12 in Quezon City as defense to a forthcoming offense from his opponents.

"I was just narrating because 'yung political kaaway ko, they were already smelling and they were able to produce an affidavit na may hinulog daw ako na babae sa helicopter," the mayor said.

"For the life of me, I cannot kill a woman or a child. Mamatay na lahat ng anak ko, pati apo ko, I cannot do that. Pero kung sabi mo, lalaki, ay oo--hulog," he added.

He had to take charge, he said, because "nobody can do it except mayor."

"Lahat yang pulis, in the advent of the human rights committee, takot talaga yan. Karamihan niyan duwag. Kaya you need a mayor to say ‘ako ang bahala.’"

He told his audience, "you do not want that kind of character as president, then you vote the four of them. Mamili kayo. I’m not even asking for the vote."