Binay-Bongbong tandem in 2016?


Posted at Apr 23 2015 03:01 PM | Updated as of Apr 23 2015 11:01 PM

MANILA - Saying “politics is the art of the possible”, Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said his options are wide open to all possibilities including a partnership with Vice President Jejomar Binay in 2016.

"I would consider everything. They call politics the art of the possible. You never know, you have seen unlikely alliances," Marcos said in an interview with ANC's Headstart.

He said the scandal dogging Binay is one issue that may affect his decision in the end, but “as yet, we have not come to a final point in all these to see exactly what’s happening.”

Marcos downplayed President Benigno Aquino III’s statement that he will never be able to reclaim the position held for years by his father.

“That’s his opinion. That’s not actually a surprise. He’s not a supporter of the Marcos family or any of us. That’s a no-brainer,” he said.

Marcos believes, however, that young voters are now questioning the “propaganda” aimed against his family.

He said the “strong efforts” against the Marcoses beginning in 1986 are now recognized by the young as “propaganda”.

“I think what’s happening is that the actual objective historical study of my father’s administration has started. We’ve always stood on that. All other stuff are propaganda,” he added.

Still, Marcos said he does not know how these changes could affect his chances.

“How these will affect me, I really don’t know. The issues now are completely different. When I came back in 1991 from the US, ‘Marcos’ was an issue. Now, it’s different. How it will play out is unclear,” he said.