Muslims up in arms against discrimination

By concerned readers

Posted at Apr 11 2009 04:00 PM | Updated as of Apr 12 2009 12:01 AM

I was going to write a comment about this article, but then realized what's the point. This so called Muslim way of life or muslim belief should only be practice between them, and them alone. The Philippine My Country is A CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC country, our way of life is simple respect the belief of other, so maybe other people's belief should not be impose against us. If the Muslim don't like what they getting in a Christian place/country they should build their own. You or Me as a christian should try complaining in the middle east, before you know where you are, you will be buried in an unmarked grave with your head chopped off. Wake up people remember Lebanon ...a booming christian country over run by baby making muslim. Philippine is a christian country, get use to it.
Bandila Kirk

I understand religious freedom, everybody has the right to practice his own religion, or lack of religion. I understand discrimination, racial or cultural. What I can’t understand is when people think they are discriminated when the rules on an institution they willingly joined conflicts with their own values.
This article, talks about student nurses “being forced” to violate the teaching of Islam by exposing more skin than was allowed by their religion. I think this is out of context. These students and students in similar situation enrolled willingly on an educational institution that has uniform requirements, meaning they agreed to follow whatever student handbook/guide of the institution. To me that is not discrimination. Discrimination is when you bar enrollment because of their race, physical limitations, or faith, or sexual preference, or marital status, or age.
The way the article is written certainly trigger hatred and divisiveness.
Arleen Ibay