Timeline: The Dacer-Corbito Murders and the BW Scam

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Posted at Mar 19 2009 08:58 PM | Updated as of Mar 27 2011 02:02 AM

The case on the twin murder of public relations man Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito, has dragged some of the country's key politicians, including former President Joseph Estrada and Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

Below is an exhaustive list of events, personalities, issues on the Dacer-Corbito case: 




Eduardo "Moonie" Lim, Jr. is president of BW Resource Corp. with 1,000 shares.


Best World Construction Corp. applies for SEC registration. No exact mailing address was specified in their document.


Francis A. Ablan is treasurer of BW Resource Corp. with 10,000 shares. Owen Carsi Cruz is Director of BW Resource Corp with 10,000.


Dante Tan is elected by share subscribers of BW Cons. Corp. as treasurer of the corporation.


Eswaran signs affidavit that he is an alien who subscribed 40,625 shares worth P40,625.


Tan deposits P61,719.00 to Bank of the Philippine Islands in behalf of Best World Cons. Corp., which is in the process of incorporation.


Best World Cons. Corp.'s corporate name is certified by SEC. In the records, it says that BESTWORLD RESOURCE CORP. is the closest name.


Joseph Ejercito Estrada takes his oath of office as President of the Philippines. Tan tells friends that he was one of the first Chinese Filipinos to have bet on Estrada's presidential bid, and had been delivering funds long before May 1998. He was listed as a contributor to Estrada's presidential campaign. As soon as Estrada took his oath of office in June 1998, Pagcor signed an agreement with BW, promising to transfer its corporate offices and three casinos to Sheraton Manila, BW's planned entertainment and gaming complex in Manila. 


Best World Construction Corp. is registered with the SEC.


SEC verifies the name BW Gaming and Entertainment Corp. unused. BWGE's name, the document says, appears to be similar to BW Resource Corp.


Incorporators are Dato' Ketheeswaran (Kenneth Eswaran), Dante Tan, Joseph Victor Ejercito, Jose Salvador M. Rivera, Jr. and Francis Ablan.

Ketheeswaran, who is a Malaysian, has 40,625 shares. Tan has 40,623 shares. Rivera and Ablan have one share. JV Ejercito is the largest shareholder with 43,750 shares.

Eswanar signs affidavit that he is a foreigner with P50,000 worth shares in BWGE

Teresita Tan is treasurer of BWGE. She deposits P100,000 to Allied Bank as their corporation's paid-up capital stock.

Incorporators are Dato' Ketheeswaran (Kenneth Eswaran), Dante Tan, Joseph Victor Ejercito, Jose Salvador M. Rivera, Jr. and Francis Ablan.

Ketheeswaran, who is a Malaysian, has 40,625 shares. Tan has 40,623 shares. Rivera and Ablan have one share. JV Ejercito is the largest shareholder with 43,750 shares.

In the document, "Foreign equity is 32.5%, with affidavit of non registration"


Best World Gaming and Entertainment (BWGE) Corporation's is registered with SEC under the name BW Gaming and Entertainment Corp.

Dante Tan and his wife Teresita subscribed 50,000 shares, Agnes Maranan has 25,000 shares, Jose Salvador Rivera, Jr. is the largest shareholder with 75,000 and Malaysian Dato' K. Ketheeswaran (Kenneth Eswaran) with 50,000 shares are listed as incorporators and directors of BWGE.


P132,861,890 worth of shares has been paid for the subscription of P150 million worth of shares


BWGE wants to add P499 million worth of capital stock to their P1 million capital stock.


Breakdown of Cash Account of BWGE: 2 from Metrobank with C/A 7073504836 worth P5,000 and S/A 3076504830 worth P61,038,444.00. Also a dollar account (2073007288) US$5,000.00, P202,500.00


BWGE's proposes: the increase of their authorized capital stock by P499 million, to total P500million, the increase in capital stock by P150million, to total P150.25 million and a total paid-up capital is P133,111,890, an increase of P132,861,890 from their previous paid-up capital of P250,000.


BW Gaming wins the exclusive contract to operate on-line bingo as well as to introduce Quick Pick-2, which is very similar to jueteng. Alice Reyes, chair of the Philippine Games and Amusement Corporation (PAGCOR), later told a congressional hearing that BW Gaming got the on-line bingo license because "it had the endorsement of the Office of the President." 



PAGCOR chairperson Alice Reyes admits that BWGE acquired the license “because it had the endorsement of the Office of the President.”


Gerdado Garcia is Director of BW Resource Corp. with 250,000 shares.


Dante Tan owns 10% of BW Resource Corp.


BW Resources signs a memorandum of agreement with PAGCOR. PAGCOR agrees to be the “anchor tenant” at the Sheraton Marina. 

BW and Best World Gaming co-borrow P600 million from the Philippine National Bank. The government, at this time, was still a major shareholder of PNB.


The Office of the President, through PAGCOR, gave BWGE a nationwide online bingo franchise. Under the constitution, only the congress can grant franchise to operate any gambling activity. Any gambling activity not franchised by the congress is illegal.

SEC and Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) began investigations, uncovering heavy share-buying by Tan. Investigations by the SEC, PSE, and by the Philippine Senate reveals that, to jack up the price of stocks, Tan sold his shares to friends and clients at discounted rates. The transactions are reported to the PSE board which appeared to be twice the amount actually paid. This is done so stock of BW Resources will appear active. PSE and SEC found out that BW’s daily turnover circulated around 10 brokerage firms.


1,000,000 shares added to Tan's 75 million shares in BW Resoure Corp., at the same time, Garcia's shares reduced to 150,000


Stanley Ho is chairman of BW Resources with 10,000 shares.


BW Resource’s stock price rose to P107 from P2, a 5,250% when news of that Ho is new chairman of BW Resource Corp. A week after Ho's visit to Manila, the company's share prices drop to below P30.



Sen. Raul Roco, chairman of the committee on banks, financial institutions and currencies writes to Jose Yulo, Jr., President of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) that he should submit to the committee the following documents: Printouts of broker to broker transactions on BW shares from June-October 1999, Identity of beneficial owners of BW shares in the matched transactions and exchange of letters between PSE and SEC as regards to the monitoring or investigation of BW shares.


At a Senate investigation on the alleged insider trading in BW Resources stocks, SEC chairman Perfecto Yasay reveals that Estrada called him five times and asked to clear Dante Tan of any wrongdoing in an insider-trading scandal involving Tan’s Best World (BW) Resources. Estrada denies that he interfered. 


Estrada is impeached by the House of Representatives. Among others, he stood accused of intervening with the duties of a public servant when he called up Yasay in relation to the BW scandal.


As Estrada faced impeachment trial before the Senate and amid mounting calls for Estrada's resignation, his close friend, Caloocan Rep. “Baby” Asistio, asks publicist to politicians Salvador “Bubby” Dacer to help boost Estrada’s image.


Dacer meets with President Estada Malacañang regarding a media campaign to help his reputation.


Two farmers, Alex Diloy and Jimmy Lopez, come out as eyewitnesses to the Dacer-Corbito murder case. Dacer was reportedly abducted and killed November 24. Both tell reporters that Dacer and his driver were strangled by policemen using electric cords before their corpses were set on fire.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) prepared to indict Police Supt. Teofilo Viña, former aide of Panfilo Lacson, then PAOCTF head and Philippine National Police (PNP) chief.  Viña is reported as mastermind in the double murder and kidnapping case. 

NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco says that they have recovered bones and teeth in a creek in Cavite. The NBI was set to examine the remains to see whether they belong to Dacer and Corbito.

Diloy and Lopez identify four Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) members to be among more than 10 individuals who took part in the killing. Lopez is also reportedly a civilian agent of PAOCTF. 

Both "eyewitnesses" are arrested by the NBI. Diloy was wearing Dacer’s white shoes when he was presented to the NBI. Lopez admits to helping build a pyre of wood and tires to set the victims on fire. Viña, head of PAOCTF Visayas, signed the permit of the seized .45 caliber pistol Lopez is carrying when seen by the NBI.



Former Finance Secretary Edgardo Espiritu tells the impeachment court that Estrada owned shares in BW Resources Corp. and made a huge profit selling his shares when prices skyrocketed. Espiritu also narrates how he tried to patch up the differences between Tan and Mark Jimenez, also a close friend of Estrada, as to who would control the company.


During Estrada’s impeachment trial, Yasay says the BW scandal is connected with the disappearance of Dacer, who, he claims, has knowledge of the gaming firm’s activities.


Digo de Pedro, a suspect in the Dacer-Corbito murder case, is abducted from his home in Indang, Cavite by armed men. De Pedro allegedly strangled Corbito before his corpse was set on fire along with Dacer.


Former President Fidel V. Ramos presents himself to Justice Secretary Hernando Perez and volunteers to disclose any information he had on the killing of PR man Dacer.

Ramos accuses Estrada of being involved in the “tragic and murderous kidnapping.” Estrada denies the charge and says he is willing to accept invitations from the justice department to be able to help in the case.


Wycoco announces that the following suspects in the Dacer-Corbito murder case are missing: 1) Jovencio Malabanan,   2) Renato Malabanan,   3) Margarito Cueno   4) William Lopez   5) Rommel Rollan

All suspects are from Indang, Cavite and are assets of the PAOCTF during Estrada’s administration.


Forensic pathologists from University of the Philippines confirm the death of Dacer. Dr. Raquel del Rosario-Fortun, leader of the forensics team, says that the remains found from the creek in Indang, Cavite were Dacer’s dental plates and Corbito’s family ring. 

Viña fails to report to his new assignment, Camp Crame. He is absent without official leave.


Four suspects in the Dacer-Corbito case claims that Estrada ordered to kill Dacer through Chief Inspector Glenn Dumlao of the PAOCTF. They are saying that Estrada ordered seize of Dacer through Dumlao, bypassing Viña. The four usually receive orders from Viña, their immediate superior, not Dumlao. Viña, who was previously accused of being the brains behind the Dacer double murder case, turns over seven suspects to Philippine National Police Director General Leandro Mendoza during Lenten season. 


The panel of prosecutors with the Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC) charged the following with the double muder of Dacer and Corbito.

1) Jimmy Lopez (detained)

2) Alex Diloy (detained)

3) William Lopez (detained)

4) SPO4 Marino Soberano

Under custody of PNP-CIDG Camp Crame:

5) SPO3 Mauro Torres

6) SPO3 Jose Escalante

7) Crisostomo M. Purificacion

8) Digo de Pedro

9) Renato Malabanan

10) Margarito Cueno

11) Rommel Rollan

The following are at large:

12) P/Supt. Glen Dumlao

13) P/C Insp. Vicente Arnado

14) P/Insp. Roberto Langcauon

15) SPO4 Benjamin Taladua

16) SPO1 Rolando Lacasandile

17) SPO1 Mario Sarmiento

18) SPO1 William Reed

19) PO2 Thomas J. Sarmiento

20) SPO1 Ruperto A. Nemeno

21) John Does and James Does


Lacson wins a seat in the Senate.


Dumlao submits an affidavit, through his lawyer Atty. Rogelio Agoot.  Agoot says that Dumlao is “ready and willing to testify on it in any proceeding regardless of whoever will be implicated.” 

Contents of the affidavit recall the incident in November 24, 2000: 

a. “Dumlao described Aquino directing a ‘Special Operation’against Dacer. Aquino, Dumlao and Mancao discussed the special operation directed at Dacer in Aquino’s office. In November 2000,  Mancao and Dumlao were together when Dumlao notified by text message from Aquino that “Delta (Dacer) had been taken. Conduct the T.I. (tactical interrogation), coordinate with 19. Do not bring along any one from Bicol.’ (Bicol was Dacer’s home region). When told about the text message from Aquino, Mancao told Dumlao, ‘Alright, go the’e. Update me of results of your T.I.’

b. Acting upon Aquino’s and Mancao’s orders, Dumlao met with the officers who had abducted Dacer and Corbito. Dumlao then saw the two blindfolded men inside a van. Dumlao asked the man’s name and the latter gave his name as ‘Mr. Bubby Dacer.’ After asking a series of question that Aquino had given him, Dumlao called Aquino who told him to ‘go back to base but secure any documents and give it to him (referring to Aquino).’ When told about the instruction of Aquino, Arnado told Dumlao, ‘Okay, Sir, I will take care of things here.’

c. When Dacer’s vehicle was recovered at Maragondon, Cavite, Aquino called Dumlao about the matter and gave instruction to secure documents. Dumlao, however, later on, burned the documents upon being told by Mancao to dispose [of] the documents as it is too dangerous keeping them.” 


More is revealed in Dumlao's sworn statement. He narrates that he was given an order by then chief of Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) Panfilo Lacson through Aquino to place Dacer under surveillance in January 1999. The affidavit states that Dumlao was given P20,000 to rent a room at the Manila Hotel so he could break in Dacer’s office, also in the building. Dumlao reveals that he was instructed to steal or destroy whatever documents he could find in the office. His superiors, according the statement, were after documents pertaining to BW Resources, now under investigation for insider trading and stock manipulation at the PSE. Dacer reportedly got hold of the documents when Tan engaged in his services at the height of the probe being conducted by PSE and SEC. 


Villanueva, one of the accused, filed a Motion for Reinvestigation asserting that he was mistakenly identified as a participant in the murder. He says that a certain SPO3 Allan Cadenilla Villanueva is the participant.


Members of PAOCTF Cezar Mancao II and Michael Ray Aquino flee to Hong Kong and then to America.


The NBI files a new complaint with the Department of Justice (DOJ) against a new suspect by name of P/Supt. Teofilo Viña, also a member of the PAOCTF.


A Manifestation and Motion to Admit Amended Information was filed by the prosecution to discharge the following from accused to state witness: Jimmy and William Lopez, Alex Diloy and Glen Dumlao. The accused SPO3 Allan Villanueva will be replaced by P/Insp. Danilo Villanueva.

The following would be charged as additional suspects: P/Supt. Michael Ray Aquino, P/Supt. Cezar Mancao II and P/Sr. Supt. Teofilo Viña.


The discharge of accused Dumlao, Diloy and Lopez brothers is denied by the Supreme Court.


The Manila RTC denies the Motion to Admit Amended Information.



The Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges recommends the dismissal of the request letter submitted by Atty. Jesus Crispin Remulla and Ronald Lumbao, spokesperson of the People's Movement Against Poverty (PMAP) for an investigation into the alleged involvement of Senator Renato Cayetano in the trading and manipulation of shares of stocks of BW Resource Corp.



Teofilo Viña, one of the suspects, is gunned down in Tanza, Cavite by Medar Cruz. Motive of killing is not established. Cruz is a balikbayan from Virginia, United States.


Dumlao issues an affidavit that states the government is pressuring him to pin down members of the opposition, noting Lacson, in the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. Dumlao then flees to America.


Dante Tan flees to Australia.


Australia’s Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock is saying that Australian police does not have the authority to stop Tan from leaving the Australia for they did not receive any extradition request from the Philippines. Australia’s Labor Party is questioning Ruddock’s intervention in the renewal of Tan’s visa in 2001 was linked to a A$10,000 donation he made to Ruddock’s election campaign previous month.



Aquino is arrested for overstaying his tourist visa. 


The Supreme Court discharges Dumlao as accussed.



The Court of Appeals affirms DOJ’s filing of criminal charges against Dante Tan.  


The Manila Regional Trial court issues arrest warrants against Mancao and Aquino.

Mancao is arrested as a material witness against Aquino in an espionage case filed against the latter by the US government but he is released on bail. Leandro Aragoncillo, former US Marine who was military aide to US vice presidents Dick Cheney and Al Gore, reportedly gave Aquino documents downloaded from FBI computers concerning observations on the political situation in Philippines.


The Court of Appeals junks the petition for certiorari filed by the accused Aquino due to a technicality. The CA dismisses Aquino’s petition because it carries only the signature of Bayani Loste, his counsel.



Aquino pleads guilty to unauthorized possession of US Department of Defense documents. These documents are to be allegedly transmitted to opposition leaders in the Philippines.


Manila judge issues arrest warrant against Dumlao.


The Pasig RTC absolves Dante Tan, Frederico Galang, Eduardo Lim Jr., Hermogenes Laddaran, Raul de Castro, Emmanuel Edward Co, Mario Juan and Jimmy Juan from criminal prosecution in relation to the BW Scandal in 1999.



The Manila Regional Trial court accuses the following for the Dacer-Corbito double murder case: 1) PSSupt. Michael Ray B. Aquino, 2) PSSupt. Cezar O. Mancao II, 3) Teofilo Viña,, 4) SPO2 Allan Cadenillo Villanueva, 5) SPO4 Marino Soberano, 6) SPO3 Mauro Torres, 7) SPO3 Jose Escalante, 8) Crisostomo M. Purificacion, 9) Digo de Pedro, 10) Renato Malabanan, 11) Jovencio Malabanan, 12) Margarito Cueno, 13) Rommel Rollan, 14) PC/Insp. Vicente Arnado, 15) P/Insp. Roberto Langcauon, 16) SPO4 Benjamin Taladlua, 17) SPO1 Rolando Lacasandile, 18) SPO1 Mario Sarmiento, 19) SPO1 William Reed, 20) PO2 Thomas J. Sarmiento, Jr., 21) SPO1 Ruperto A. Nemenio


An electronic copy of the memo Dacer was supposed to give to Ramos in the night of his abduction surfaces under the name of F. Pancho Villaraza, a lawyer known to be a close adviser of President Arroyo. The memo contains proof of Tan transferring 300,000 shares of stocks to Sen. Lacson and three other parties.


Presidential Management Staff Chief Cerge Remonde told Sen. Lacson that his position in public office does not guarantee him immunity from any criminal suit. 


Prosecutors of the Dacer-Corbito case wrap up presenting their evidences along with testimonies of 12 witnesses. Ten accused and in custody begin to give their defense.


Lacson says that the Office of the Ombudsman is investigating him. It started as a lifestyle check and slowly turned into a drive linking him to the murder of Dacer. 


Philippine Government files extradition for Mancao.


Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer Keene and Lurana S. Snow, a United States Magistrate Judge signed extradition complaint against Mancao.


The US immigration agents arrest Dumlao outside his New York apartment. Mancao is arrested in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez says that the Philippines requested for the extradition of Mancao and Dumlao.

US authorities, according to Gonzalez, have to determine whether Mancao and Dumlao have pending arrest warrants in the US. They will not be deported to the Philippines if they do.


The US Department of Justice approves Philippine government’s request to extradite Aquino, Dumlao and Mancao to be tried for the murder of Dacer and Corbito.


Schedule for Dumlao arraignment on December 5 is set.

Anti-crime advocates plead, “Don’t let the Bubby Dacer case go the way of the Aquino-Galman double murder case,” during a prayer vigil marking the eighth anniversary of the disappearance of Dacer and Corbito.  


The US Department of Justice announces the extradition of Aquino, Dumlao and Mancao back to the Philippines.  


Dumlao’s arraignment reset for December 8. 


Dumlao’s arraignment reset for December 9.


District Court Judge Katherine Tomlinson in New York rules to Philippine government’s request of extradition against Dumlao. 


United States Magistrate Judge Tomlinson signs Dumlao's Certification of Extraditability and Order of Commitment.


Dumlao weighs his options: whether he will appeal or not for his extradition to the Philippines.


Justice Undersecretary Ricardo Blancaflor announces that a special task force formed by NBI agents will pick up Dumlao and Mancao once they are extradited. Blancaflor says that both might be back on March 2009.



Roberto Nardoza, Spokesman of US Attorney’s Office in New York, announces Dumlao’s move to the Southern District of Florida to testify in Mancao’s extradition hearing.


Snow sets a new extradition hearing date for Mancao originally scheduled February 12 to March 11, 11 a.m.


Mancao signs an affidavit containing details about the abduction and murder of Dacer and Corbito in Broward County, Florida.


Snow signs Mancao's Certification of Extraditability and Order of Commitment.


Atty. Demetrio Custodio, lawyer of the Dacer family, says that Mancao is willing to tell all he knows about the Dacer and Corbito killings. 

Carina Dacer meets with Mancao at his extradition hearing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mancao agrees to reveal key suspects, including the mastermind, in her father’s murder.


Carina Dacer accuses Lacson of obstruction of justice for keeping Mancao’s whereabouts hidden from the authorities. Carina says that Lacson talked to Mancao September 2008. Lacson says that his talk with Mancao in September 2008 was to only tell him to stick to the truth. Lacson adds that Major Gen. Romeo Prestoza made a phone call to Mancao offering to reinstate and promote Mancao in the PNP in exchange of implicating the senator in the Dacer-Corbito killings.

Custodio says that Mancao will no longer appeal his extradition. 

Justice Secretary Gonzalez says that Mancao can be state witness as long as he volunteers information about the mastermind in the Dacer-Corbito killings.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita says that Philippine authorities will provide security for Mancao. Ermita denies Lacson’s claim that Malacañang has been pressuring Mancao since 2008 to implicate Lacson since he is a part of the opposition.


Lacson insists that he and Mancao were not involved in the Dacer-Cobito muder. 

Former president Estrada says he has nothing to do with the killings, recalling their friendship and strong ties.

Cabinet Secretary Silvestre Bello III tells media to stop speculating contents of Mancao’s affidavit.

Custodio says that Mancao will be extradited to the Philippines in less than three weeks. Mancao says that he wanted to shorten extradition process because he’s itching to authenticate his affidavit.


Gonzalez says that Mancao’s affidavit mentioned names of government officials involved in the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. Gonzalez does not specify whether the named government officials are incumbent or not.


Secretary Gonzalez says that Mancao’s affidavit is now kept in a bank vault because he is worried his office might get ransacked. He says that it contains information that will unmask the mastermind of Dacer’s murder. Gonzalez says that Mancao is linking a lot of high-stature, powerful officials.  


Sec. Gonzalez says that two civilians came forward claiming knowledge of the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. 

Department of Transportation and Communication Undersecretary Reynaldo Berroya, also PNP Intelligence Group at the time of Dacer’s murder, tells inquirer.net that Sen. Lacson’s camp was scared that Dacer would expose documents Lacson earning billions from stock market manipulation.

Berroya says that Dumlao told him before that the killing could not have taken place without the knowledge of Lacson. Berroya is saying that Estrada was not mentioned in the killings and he does not think it is in his character to order a hit.

Berroya says that Dumlao told him that the former was also a target of an assassination plot in Capitol Golf Club in Quezon City last 2000; this information is confirmed by Sec. Gonzalez. Gonzalez claims this is in the affidavit of Mancao.


Contents of Mancao’s affidavit are leaked by anonymous sources to Philippine Star columnist Tony Calvento. Mancao names Sen. Lacson as the mastermind of the Dacer-Corbito double murder case, Calvento says. The sources, according to Calvento, reveal that Mancao was present when then-chief of PNP and concurrently PAOCTF head Lacson gave hit order on Dacer to Aquino. Lacson, according to the sources, was looking for US properties of first gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo in hopes to discredit the administration.

Sec. Gonzalez says there is nothing in the affidavit of Mancao that will strongly point former president Estrada as the mastermind of the Dacer-Corbito murder case. 


Gonzalez disputes the news report leaking the "contents" of Mancao's affidavit, “the affidavit of Mancao is with me and I know the contents and I can assure you that these statements about the order of Lacson to dig dirt on the First Gentleman never appear in the affidavit.” Gonzales says the reporter may be referring to a former affidavit issued by Mancao, not the one signed February 14. 

Dumlao claims that Berroya and former military intelligence officer Victor Corpuz forced him to write his 2003 affidavit linking Sen. Lacson to the double murder case.


Gonzalez announces that Dumlao is scheduled to be extradited to the Philippines on or before March 19, 2009. 

Calvento says he will resign if his report is proven wrong. Dacer's daughter Carina is saying that the report on Mancao's affidavit is accurate.


Mancao urges the government to declare him state witness and ensure his protection. His attorney refuses to reveal the contents of his affidavit as Mancao wants the public to wait for his statement. 

Dacer family lawyer Atty. Demetrio Custodio, who claims to have seen Mancao's affidavit, tells the press that it jibes with the contents of Dumlao's affidavit. Custodio says the Dacer family is studying their options whether to reopen the case or file an entirely new case.

Department of Justice State ProsecutorPhillip Kimpo clarifies that Dumlao issued three affidavits: 1) Linking Aquino, Mancao and other high officials with the name "71" to the double murder case, 2) In 2003, claimed that he was forced to link Sen. Lacson to the murder case, and 3) the latest one, which was executed while his extradition was already being processed, affirms the authenticity of his first affidavit.


Dumlao cancels his flight back to Manila. NBI agents in the Los Angeles airport assigned to bring him back report to Sec. Gonzalez that Dumlao will petition for his right to the writ of habeas corpus and the writ of injunction. Gonzalez suspects a conspiracy behind Dumlao's petition against his extradition. "I will be forced to release Mancao's statement if this continues," Gonzalez said.


Dumlao's lawyer Felix Vinluan says in a radio interview with Ted Failon that the reason for Dumlao's petition against his extradition was that he was tortured to implicate Sen. Lacson and former president Estrada

Philippine Daily Inquirer releases contents of Mancao's affidavit signed February 14, 2009 from a government official who does not want to be named. In another article, a letter was found in Dacer's office, written on Malacañang letterhead and addressed to Tan, demanding Tan to turnover Estrada's BW stocks amounting to P500 million. 

Mancao states in his affidavit that in the early part of 2000, he found out that Aquino was utilizing some of his personnel in PAOCTF task force Luzon for Aquino's "special operations", pertaining to operations that do not follow normal channels of command, without his knowledge. Dacer, whom they referred to as "DELTA," was the target of the special operations.

Mancao says Aquino told him that the special operations were "approved and cleared by Lacson and Malacañang itself." He claims in the affidavit that Lacson gave him direct orders to cover up the murder immediate after Dacer and Corbito were killed.

Senator Lacson maintains that he does not have anything to do with the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. He says Malacañang his frame-up.

Other contents of Mancao's affidavit:

17. "After winning the election as senator of the Republic of the Philippines in the May 2001 elections, LACSON called AQUINO and myself to a meeting in a house somewhere in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. In that meeting, LACSON instructed both of us to leave the country since the new administration would surely go after us and link us in the DACER-CORBITO double murder case, among others, in order to destroy his reputation and presidential ambition. He assured us that he will take care of both of us and will continue to give us our monthly allowance. I can vividly remember LACSON’S words: “Kailangang umalis na kayo sa bansa dahil si Glenn nagbigay na ng statement, and Kuratong Baleleng case ay binuhay, at posibleng gagawa yan ng iba pang mga kaso. Huwag kayong mag-alala, ako ang bahala sa inyo.” At that time, the burnt remains and belongings of DACER and CORBITO had been recovered from a creek somewhere in Indang, Cavite; some of the perpetrators had even confessed to the killing; and the case was already being investigated by the Department of Justice."

19. "On July 1, 2001, I followed LACSON’s instructions for me to leave the country for the United States. I rendezvous with AQUINO in Hong Kong and from there we proceeded to the United States via San Francisco. LACSON made arrangements for our stay at Harrold Hicks’ friend’s house in Daly City; Hicks is a former enlisted man who worked under LACSON. However, before I left the country, I was made to sign a Counter-Affidavit in the then pending preliminary investigation concerning the abduction and death of DACER and CORBITO before the Department of Justice. The Counter-Affidavit contained for the most part, strong denials of my supposed knowledge or participation in the DACER-CORBITO operations as narrated by DUMLAO in a handwritten affidavit. I was constrained to sign the same despite knowing that some of the allegations were actually true, in order to save my neck and in the hope that I will be exonerated therefrom."

21. "In September 2001, I decided to settle in the state of Florida, while AQUINO settled in the state of New Jersey. I have lived in Florida since then and never went back to the Philippines. In the meanwhile, LACSON repeatedly traveled to the U.S. from October 2001 up to September 2003 and met with us in all of these occasions; he also did not fail to reimburse our plane fares and other expenses."

Former president Estrada, referred to as "BIGOTE" in Mancao's affidavit and was "irked" by Dacer, says that Mancao's statement is really an attempt to discredit him. In an interview on ANC's On the Scene, Estrada says "The government is afraid of my continued popularity.. Hindi pa nga ako nagdi-deklara na tatakbo ako para sa pagkapresidente sa 2010, takot na sila. (I have not yet declared if I am running for president in 2010, they are already afraid.)"


Carina Dacer, daughter of Dacer, says that Lacson sent her a text message saying he is not involved in the murder of Bubby Dacer. "A text message is not a signed affidavit," she says. Carina tells government officials to stop making the death of his father about the presidential race in 2010.

Dumlao's lawyer Vinluan says that the DOJ had misinterpreted the SC decision October 5, 2005 that excluded Dumlao as an accused.

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde says that it was intriguing how Dumlao managed to post a $100,000 when he had no means to raise the money on his own.


The Dacer family files a formal complaint against Sen. Lacson for the murders of Dacer and Corbito. Dacer's four daughters execute an affidavit directly accusing Lacson of masterminding the killings. Sen. Lacson reiterates that he had nothing to do with the killings of Dacer and Corbito.


Vicente Arnado, former police chief inspector of the defunct PAOCTF and also a suspect in the Dacer-Corbito murder case, is still hiding in the US and has yet to be arrested, unlike Mancao, Dumlao and Aquino. DOJ will soon move for the arrest and extradition of Arnado.


The Court of Appeals orders the criminal prosecution of Dante Tan, Frederico Galang, Eduardo Lim Jr., Hermogenes Laddaran, Raul de Castro, Emmanuel Edward Co, Mario Juan and Jimmy Juan for the insider trading and stock price manipulation of BW Resources Corp. in 1999.


The Supreme Court rules that the BW criminal charge against Tan to proceed. Justice Minita V. Chico-Nazario penned the decision to uphold the CA ruling to reinstate criminal case no. 119830 against Tan.


Mancao is turned over to NBI officials at the Los Angeles International Airport. Mancao flies back to Manila via Philippine Airlines flight number PR 103.


Mancao is back in Manila.

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