Gigi Reyes slams Cristina Enrile's 'half-truths'

The Philippine Star

Posted at Mar 06 2014 02:59 AM | Updated as of Mar 07 2014 03:57 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Breaking her silence on the revelations made by the wife of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, Jessica Lucilla "Gigi" Reyes yesterday said the statements were "half-truths and half-lies as well."

Reyes, former chief of staff of Enrile, accused Cristina Castañer-Enrile of muddling the facts and laying the blame on the women who supposedly “offered themselves” to her husband.

“Excuse me, I certainly did not offer myself to him,” Reyes told GMA News. “So does it mean the women were to blame and the senator cannot be faulted because he is a man after all, is that it?”

Reyes did not categorically deny having an affair with her former boss.

Cristina told Winnie Monsod on GMA’s “Bawal ang Pasaway” program on Monday that she wanted to divorce her husband after learning he was having an affair with Reyes.

Reyes served and resigned as Enrile’s chief of staff and longtime senior aide. She has been implicated in the pork barrel scam along with her boss.

Cristina admitted her husband had many affairs but the one with Reyes “lasted long.”

The rumors resurfaced after Ruby Tuason, one of the accused in the pork barrel scandal, told a Senate hearing last month that she personally handed over the kickbacks to Reyes with Enrile present in one of their meetings.

In her brief communication with GMA News, Reyes did not mention the pork barrel scandal but said she did not want to “engage directly” with the Enrile couple.

“It’s useless,” Reyes said. “How do you debate with somebody who exists in another realm?”

Reyes made a post on her Facebook page on Wednesday, using several quotes from M. Scott Peck’s book “People of the Lie.”

Reyes wrote that she could relate to the passages of the book “because many of us suffer from living a lie and ultimately and tragically believing our own lies.”

“But that’s not the problem,” she added. “The problem is when we inflict our lies on others and thus succeed in our desire to confuse.”

“I quoted those lines because of the many lies I heard” (in Mrs. Enrile’s television interview). “To be sure they are not all lies, but half-truths are half-lies as well,” Reyes said.