RP in top 10 countries at risk from terrorists


Posted at Feb 17 2010 03:04 PM | Updated as of Feb 17 2010 11:04 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines is among the top 10 countries in the world most at risk from terrorist attacks, according to global analyst Maplecroft.

The Philippines ranked 10th in Maplecroft's annual Terrorism Risk Index of 162 countries, making it a "high risk" country for terrorist attacks. On the other hand, its close neighbor, Thailand, dropped two places and placed 9th in the index due to the October 2009 bomb attacks near the Malaysia-Thailand border.

The Terrorism Risk Index (TRI) has been developed by Maplecroft for companies to assess terrorism risks to their international assets. The index measures not only the risks of an attack, but also the chances of mass casualties occurring.

The company said Iraq remained the most dangerous country in the world for the second year running due to the frequency, scale and human impact of terror attacks. Nearly 4,500 civilians were killed in the wartorn country in 2009.

Other countries considered in extreme risk of terror attacks are Afghanistan (2), Pakistan (3), Somalia (4), Lebanon (5), India (6), Algeria (7), Colombia (8) and Thailand (9).

Maplecroft said the global rankings are based on analyses of terrorist incidents every six months for their frequency, intensity and number of victims, plus the proportion of attacks that were 'mass-casualty' in each nation. A country's historical experience of terrorism was also factored in along with threats made against it by groups such as al-Qaeda.

Other countries listed as "high risk" are Turkey (14), Russia (15), Nigeria (24) and Spain (34) while the United Kingdom (41), China (43), USA (46) and France (56) are considered medium risk. Countries rated at low risk include Germany (81), Canada (116) and Australia (120).