Bro. Eddie vows to pursue raps vs Arroyo

by Maria Althea Teves,

Posted at Jan 29 2010 05:44 PM | Updated as of Jan 30 2010 05:04 AM

First of a series on ANC's Presidential Youth Forum at De La Salle University, January 29, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Presidential candidate Eduardo “Bro. Eddie” Villanueva reiterated on Friday his policy statement that he would hold President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo accountable for her alleged misdeeds if elected in the May 10 elections.

Speaking at ABS-CBN News Channel's (ANC) Presidential Youth Forum, the TV evangelist-politician said the rule of law must be applied on those who have done wrong. (Read: Villanueva expects 2010 victory a ‘miracle’)

“Bigyan natin ng katarungan ang ating taong bayan (Let us give justice to our people),” he said. “No man should be above the law." 

The wrongdoings of previous administrations have caused “untold suffering on the people,” Villanueva said.

He also blamed the Arroyo administration for “gross misgovernance," especially when it comes to handling the budget. 

Villanueva said the Arroyo government had the wrong priorities, neglecting education, health, livelihood and the development strategic economic growth centers.

“More people are suffering because of this,” he said.

Follow God over Charter

Assuming he gets involved in a scandal, the born-again Christian leader also said he will follow the law of God over the Constitution.

“If there will be a contradiction between the law of God and the law of man, I will not hesitate to follow the law of God,” the Jesus Is Lord (JIL) founder said.

However, he added that a good leader will not find it hard to follow the constitution and the law of God.

He cited the preamble of the Philippine Constitution to support his point that both the laws of God and of men do not contradict.

“It is written there: ‘We, the sovereign people, implore the aid of almighty God’,” he said.

Following his slogan “Diyos at Bayan” (God and Country), Villanueva said his loyalty to his family and friends is weaker compared to his strong devotion to God and nation.

“My loyalty to my family, friends and party ends where my loyalty to my God and country begins,” he said.

God-fearing Filipinos should run

He said traditional politicians deliberately misuse the definition of “separation of Church and State” to prevent good and God-fearing Filipinos from running for public posts.

“Nowhere in the Constitution does it prohibit God-fearing or God-loving Filipinos (from running),” he said.

God-fearing Filipinos could help in true development and progress of the country, he said.

“Kaya ang kultura ng lahing Pilipino ay maka-Diyos (Filipino culture is to be faithful to God),” he said.