PNoy has no date yet for birthday, Valentine's Day

By Aurea Calica, The Philippine Star

Posted at Jan 28 2013 07:56 AM | Updated as of Jan 28 2013 03:56 PM

MANILA, Philippines - With his birthday and Valentine’s Day approaching, President Aquino still has no date.

But he said he is confident that “God has something good in store for him.”

The bachelor President turns 53 on Feb. 8.

He said he would probably be with his nephew, Joshua, son of his celebrity sister, Kris on both occasions.

Speaking to reporters in Davos after attending the World Economic Forum, the President explained that he actually never had the time to celebrate his birthday and all he wished for was a chance for peace and quiet on his special day.

“At least for dinner, so I can treat my nephews and nieces and my family. I hope we are all smiling for the duration of the dinner. I mean, I hope there will be no sudden crisis... but again, if there is crisis, I have a commitment to the people until 2016. So my interest is their interest,” Aquino said in Filipino.

Asked if he has a date on Feb. 14, he replied: “Not this time. So that means maybe Joshua.”

Aquino said Joshua drops by his place every now and then even without invitation.

“If he senses that I have no companion on Feb. 8 and 14, he would say ‘Tito Noy, can I pass by’?”

The President said he also never believes and has no time to think about predictions.

One fortune-teller claimed that he would not be able to get married, he said.

“With the many problems that I have to attend to, I won’t waste my time with that. With all due respect to those engaged in that activity or who patronize (fortune-telling), my philosophy is simple: if they tell you something good, the present is destroyed because you are waiting for it to happen. If the prediction is bad, it’s as if you are destroying the present and future because you are nervous that it might come,” he said in Filipino.