'Ivler used 2 guns, armor-piercing bullets'


Posted at Jan 18 2010 12:11 PM | Updated as of Jan 18 2010 11:26 PM

'Ivler used 2 guns, armor-piercing bullets' 1MANILA, Philippines - Jason Aguilar Ivler, the main suspect in the murder of a Palace official's son, used two weapons in fighting off police before his arrest in his Quezon City home Monday.

Aside from a baby Armalite rifle, Ivler also used a .45 caliber pistol in fighting off police who had come to serve a warrant for his arrest. Police said an M-16 rifle used by the NBI agents during the shootout was also pierced by a bullet.

Rolando Argavioso, NBI Intelligence Service chief operations head agent, also told radio dzMM that Ivler could have used armor-piercing bullets during the shootout with NBI agents.

He said this was the reason why one of the NBI agents, Anna Lira Labao, was still wounded on the chest despite wearing body armor.

"All the operatives had bullet proof vests but Ivler used armor piercing bullets, which is why the bullet still pierced the vest," he told radio dzMM. He noted that Ivler was wearing a bandolier when he was arrested. 

He said Labao is still undergoing treatment at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center but is already out of danger. He said Labao will be transferred to a hospital near the NBI.

Aside fom Labao, Ivler also wounded NBI Special Action Unit head Julito Magno after a bullet grazed his thigh.

NBI officials, meanwhile, said they are readying obstruction of justice charges against Ivler's mother, Marlene, for hiding her son in her home for the past two months.

NBI Director Nestor Mantaring earlier said Marlene Aguilar tried to stop the agents from entering the house on Monday. He said Ivler was hiding in a storeroom when he started shooting at the NBI agents.

Ivler is undergoing treatment at the hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds to the abdomen and shoulder during his arrest. His mother is currently detained at the NBI Special Action Unit office.

Ivler has been the subject of a police manhunt after allegedly shooting dead Renato Ebarle, Jr., the son of assistant secretary Renato Ebarle, Sr., during a traffic altercation along Boni Serrano Avenue in Quezon City on November 18, 2009.