Inside Jason Ivler's room: 'Scarface' poster, fake IDs


Posted at Jan 18 2010 05:33 PM | Updated as of Jan 19 2010 01:33 AM

MANILA, Philippines - In the end, an airconditioner and a used towel gave the suspect away.

Jason Aguilar Ivler, the main suspect in the murder of a Palace official's son, was arrested Monday after eluding police for the past two months. Ironically, he was arrested in his own home at No. 23 Hillside Drive in Blue Ridge A Subdivision, Quezon City - the same place that the police raided twice in the past.

Atty. Julito Magno, head of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Special Action Unit, said they decided to go back to the house early Monday after receiving fresh information that the suspect was hiding there.

Ivler's mother, Marlene, was agitated when NBI agents and members of the ABS-CBN news crew arrived at the two-story home at 6 a.m. Saying that she had always cooperated with police in the past, she allowed several NBI agents to search Ivler's room.

She vaguely hinted that Ivler may already be in Hawaii after she received an e-mail from her son, informing her of his whereabouts.

In Ivler's room, NBI agents found dumb bells, gym bags, two silencers, several fake IDs with the name Roberto Santa Rosa, and bullets for a caliber .45 pistol. On the wall was a poster of Al Pacino's gangster movie "Scarface."

NBI agents also explored the house's other rooms including Aguilar's office, the master bedroom and even the outdoor swimming pool.

While the search was ongoing, Aguilar told the NBI that she had made many enemies after she wrote her novel "Warriors of Heaven."

Air-tight room

Magno, however, noticed during the search that the bathroom in Ivler's room seemed to have been used recently. "There were wet clothes and a wet towel, as if someone had just taken a bath," he said.

Further checks inside the house also showed an airconditioner that seemed to feed into a secret room on the ground floor right under the stairs.

"It was a room right under the stairs. It was used as a stockroom. The door was covered by paper mache mannequins. Nagtatago siya dun. When I noticed that he was there, I announced our presence and asked him to come out. Ang ginanti sa atin ay sunod-sunod na putok. That started the firefight," he said in a press conference in Malacañang.

Magno said one of Ivler's bullets grazed him on the thigh. Another NBI agent, Anna Lira Labao of the NBI Intelligence Service Division, was shot on the chest despite wearing a kevlar vest.

The NBI agent said Ivler shot at law enforcers for almost 10 minutes before being hit by responding fire. He said it was difficult to shoot at Ivler since the space under the stairs going into the room was very narrow.

Amid cries of "cease-fire!", the agents dragged the wounded Ivler outside the room and held him tight while he shouted: "Patayin niyo ako! (Kill me!)"

When the emergency trucks arrived, all three wounded - Ivler, Magno and Labao -- were brought onboard and rushed to the nearest hospital. -- With reports from Maan Macapagal, ABS-CBN News, and David Dizon,