'Congressmen got cash to oppose anti-smoking graphic warning bill'

By Ronald Paguirigan, reader

Posted at Jan 21 2009 04:29 PM | Updated as of Jan 22 2009 12:43 AM

'Congressmen got cash to oppose anti-smoking graphic warning bill'
I just wanna say 'Oh my God! What are our lawmakers thinking?' But then, what do you expect from those people, really, right? I know that there are still some who have intact morals and values but not many would oppose me when I say that majority of our lawmakers are selfish, good-for-nothing scoundrels.
I am 100% against smoking! It causes a multitude of diseases - cancer, COPD, heart diseases and stroke among others. The thing is, smoking affects not only the smokers themselves but others who would like to breathe clean, fresh air as well. 
If the lawmakers are opposing putting warning signs on the cigarettes because their constituents will be affected (A source, who admitted getting P20,000, said money was not the main consideration in opposing HB 3364. “It is about pakikisama.”
The source said a lawmaker sides with colleagues “whose constituents may be affected by the bill” so he or she can, in turn, count on the support of these colleagues when he or she is pushing for another bill.), how about the constituents who do not smoke? Why aren't they considered?
I know that tobacco is a lucrative industry and a lot of Filipinos would lose their source of income if the industry falls but there are a lot more Filipinos, not only losing their income but their lives because of tobacco. Thousands of Filipinos die each year because of smoking-related diseases. 
Also, millions of pesos are lost by the government subsidizing the hospitalization and medications of Filipinos who contract smoking-related diseases. Thousands of babies are born premature or ill because of first hand smoke (the mothers smoke while pregnant), second hand smoke and third hand smoke (mother lives in an environment where someone smokes. 
Yes, researches now prove that smoke coming from cigarette butts, discarded or otherwise, also contribute to morbidities secondary to smoking).
I just hope that these lawmakers open their minds and hearts, not just their pockets! It's a shame that these people are elected to put forward the welfare of their constituents; instead, they are the ones slowly killing their people.
Ronald Paguirigan