40 properties a hoax, Corona says

from an exclusive report by Anthony Taberna, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 13 2012 08:03 PM | Updated as of Jan 14 2012 04:03 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Impeached Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona has called a "hoax" a list of 40 real estate properties he and his kin allegedly own.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN's "XXX", Corona said he only has 5 real estate properties and the remaining properties on the list made public by impeachment prosecutors are a "fabrication."

"That list of the LRA [Land Registration Authority] is a total fabrication. It is a hoax," Corona said.

He also threatened to sue those who made the list.

House prosecutors claimed on Thursday that Corona and his family amassed some 40 properties in the last 9 years he was in the Supreme Court.

Impeachment panel spokesman Miro Quimbo said that based on records from the LRA, Corona and his family have 45 properties, houses and condo units, mostly in Corona’s name, with others in his wife’s, children’s and in-laws.

Quimbo said that based on Corona’s last available statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) in 2002, only 5 of the 45 are registered.

The Chief Justice, however, said the list was released to deceive the public.

"Pati yung mga ari-arian ng aking balae eh inilagay diyan. Pati yung bahay nila," he said.

"Pati yung mga property ko na iyung 5 na iyun eh dinoble listing. Iyung original title ng developer, nilagay. Nung binili namin, nilagay pa rin pero that pertains to one and the same property. Pero nilista ng dalawang beses," he added.

Corona lashed out at LRA chief Eulalio Diaz, who certified the report on his supposed 40 other properties.

"Ano ba namang panlilinlang ang ginawa ng LRA na iyan?" he asked. "Kalahok sa black propaganda laban sa akin. Kalokohan yung listahan na iyan."

Corona said he had already declared in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) his 5 properties, including his condominium penthouse at the Bellagio in Taguig. He said he is willing to prove this in his impeachment trial.

Corona added that his family is also willing to face the Senate impeachment court.