After criticism, DPWH adjusts bunkhouse sizes


Posted at Jan 10 2014 12:09 PM | Updated as of Jan 11 2014 03:22 AM

MANILA - The Department Public Works and Highways is adjusting the sizes of the temporary shelters or bunkhouses for survivors of super typhoon "Yolanda" after some observers said the structures do not conform to international standards.

In a statement, DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson said the Department of Social Welfare and Development requested the construction of the bunkhouses while the local government units identified the sites for construction.

Each bunkhouse is divided into 24 units. But, some international observers noted that the allocated area should have been wider than the designed 8.64 square meters per unit.

The DPWH said families with more than four members can use two adjacent rooms.

"It's so easy to dismantle the partition between two (2) units so that each family can occupy a wider area of 17.28 square meters," said Singson.

He also said it will take some time to identify the sites for permanent housing and eventually the building of permanent housing structures for these dislocated families.

Urban planner Jun Palafox earlier said the designs he saw when he visited the bunkhouses for Yolanda victims last December showed disregard for the safety and decency for the families that will be living there.

The architect said the international standard for bunkhouses must be at least 22 square meters per unit, with at least three bedrooms, windows for proper ventilation, floor level must be one meter above the floodline, and materials should not be a fire hazard.

What he saw in Visayas bunkhouses, Palafox said, is nowhere near those standards with each unit less than 9 square meters, only two small bedrooms, poor ventilation, and the materials used such as plywood are fire hazards.

For his part, Singson denied reports that the bunkhouses are overpriced especially since contractors who built the bunkhouses would not be making a profit.

He told reporters he would resign if the accusation is proven to be true.

The DPWH chief has reiterated his directive to closely monitor contractors' compliance to the approved plans and specifications of the bunkhouses before they (contractors) are paid.

About 87 contractors, coming from different parts of the country, volunteered to undertake construction of bunkhouses in 42 sites in Eastern Visayas.

Contractors who responded to call for humanitarian efforts in undertaking immediate construction of temporary shelter are the following: AKH Const., 8 units; JD Legaspi, 5 units; Goldrock , 2 units; R. Lustre, 2 units; Kings Builder & Dev. Corp., 2 units; JMT Const., 1 unit; Dumlao Const., 1 unit; Reyrose Const., 8 units; 3 CSL Const., 2 units; Rowies Const., 2 units; Tabada Const., 2 units; Reggie Built Const., 1 unit; Alzam Const., 1 unit; D. Gos Teston Const., 1 unit; PJ San Pedro Const., 1 unit; Tagum Builders Const., 1 unit; DL Enterprises, 1 unit; WTG Const., 1 unit; Equi-Parco Const., 1 unit; WDM Const., 1 unit; Jejors Const., 1 unit; MM Ent., 1 unit; Mamsa Const., 1 unit; Venray Const., 1 unit; LC Teng Const., 1 unit; Road Edge Const., 1 unit; C' Charles Const., 1 unit; VT Lao Const., 3 units; Maer Summit Const., 1 unit; Trocio Const., 1 unit; Fort Stone Const., 1 unit; F.P De Guzman Const., 2 units; Aylan Const., 2 units; Flordes Const., 2 units; AKN Const., 2 units; Anolin Const., 1 unit; IM Const., 1 unit; Bernardo Const., 2 units; Jagon Const., 2 units; Tampenco Const., 1 unit; Rend Const., 1 unit; C&F Const., 2 units; Gemma, 1 unit; Sargon, 1 unit; T. Square Builders, 2 units; Sarangani Rock Mixer, 2 units; Vertical Builders, 2 units; J.G Oranza Const., 2 units; Hanna Via Design& Const., 2 units; KGD Builders, 2 units; Freden Const., 2 units; MJ Tiongzon Const., 2 units; Kevin Yoshi Builders, 2 units; Dellosa Design & Build Services, 2 units; RD Interior Const., 6 units; Ferdstar Const., 1 unit; Northern Builders, 1 unit; Marcbilt Const. Inc., 2 units; Avila Const., 2 units; Jemak Const., 2 units; R.V. Laborte Builders, 2 units; Harley Const., 3 units; WERR Corporation, 3 units; I&E Construction, 2 units; W.J. Const., 1 unit; Sarca Const., 1 unit; Megashine Bldrs., 1 unit; JBC Const., 2 units; F. Rosales, 1 unit; Davao Const., 5 units; C'zarles Const. & Supply, 4 units; Q.M. Builders, 5 units; Richmark Const., 12 units; Haide Const., 5 units; LR Tiqui, 2 units; FA Nepomuceno, 3 units; Lead Tech, 3 units; Pajate Const., 2 units; Daybreak Ent-Eng'g. & Const., 7 units; E.M. Paule Construction, 7 units; Borongan MBC Const., 19 units; Syvil Construction, 9 units; Eastern Pacific Const., 6 units; Hi Tone Dev. Corp., 2 units; Pablo S. Labasbas Const., 5 units; DSB Const. & Dev. Corp., 2 units; and Premium Marketing & Dev. Corp., 4 units.