Hitler-loving Topacio gets flak


Posted at Jan 03 2012 08:50 AM | Updated as of Jan 03 2012 04:50 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A leftist lawyer and known critic of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Tuesday criticized Arroyo's lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, for saying that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was a good leader.

Describing Topacio as a "history buffoon," lawyer Argee Guevarra said while he respects Topacio's right to express his "creepy political beliefs," he objected to the lawyer's statement that there is no proof  that the extermination of Jews was official state policy of Germany during Hitler's time.
“I would like to believe that Atty. Ferdie Topacio’s idolatry of Adolf Hitler and his pro-Nazi sentiments  are motivated only by his zealous desire to defend even the indefensible, such as his client, former President Gloria Macapagal Arrovo, este, Arroyo," he said in a statement.

Guevarra said he wishes Topacio well in his "campaign against the Aquino administration’s Final Solution to the Arroyo Question." He also offered his legal services in case Topacio becomes the subject of a lawsuit of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

He added that many lawyers will support Topacio if he decides to ask a local court to allow Mrs. Arroyo to be detained in a gas chamber in the former concentration camp in Auschwitz. "I will even donate my entire savings from my law practice in 2011 to pay for GMA’s travel to Poland," he said.

Topacio first drew flak when a Bandila story showed a Hitler painting in the lawyer's office.

The Nazi leader ruled Germany from 1934 to 1945. Under his rule, Germany went to war against the US-led Allied Forces in World War II.

Germany invaded many countries during the war, amid the Nazi belief that they were the superior race.

An estimated 6 million Jews were massacred during the Nazi rule. Some were shot, others died in concentration camps, while others were killed in gas chambers.

Topacio is claiming that Hitler was not behind the mass killings. He said there is no evidence that Hitler ordered the Holocaust.

"Walang nailabas na pagpapatibay na may official state policy ang Germany sa ilalim ng National Socialist regime na patayin ang mga Hudyo. Ang gusto lamang nila ay ilayo o i-segregate, o i-exile ang mga Hudyo," he said.

He said Hitler enjoyed the support of his people with regard to the treatment of Jews.

"Kung noon siguro ay may mga Pulse Asia sa germany at tinanong nila ang mga Germans, tama ba ang ginagawa ni Chancellor Adolf Hitler sa mga Jews, palagay ko hindi lang 90% ang magiging approval rating. Ngunit tama ba? O kayo na ang magsabi," he said.

He also claimed that if Hitler was a dictator, he should be compared to President Benigno Aquino III.