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Salamat Dok: Seasonal diseases

Recently, many have been complaining about on and off fever, prolonged colds and cough.  Some are suffering from sore eyes.  Not to mention the fact that there’s a public scare about the remarkable rise in dengue cases.

Kid can't catch a ball? That may be an eye problem

MANILA, Philippines - If your child usually makes an effort to sit too close to the television or the blackboard, or is having a hard time catching a ball, he or she may have eye problems, optometrists said.

Bernadette Sembrano is Salamat Dok's new host

MANILA, Philippines - Bernadette Sembrano brings you practical and relevant information on important health issues every weekend as she becomes the new anchor of “Salamat Dok” beginning Saturday (March 6).

'Salamat Dok' and Manila Doctors Hospital renew partnership

ABS-CBN’s longest running health and public service program “Salamat Dok” enters another milestone as it renews its partnership with Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) for the third consecutive year.

Gloria Diaz talks health on 'Salamat Dok'

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the Philippines and women nowadays are becoming even more prone to cardiovascular diseases as compared to men.

'Salamat Dok' wins in 5th USTv Awards

Skin woes had befallen TV host-actress Mariel Rodriguez. The usually radiant and striking “Wowowee” host admits she goes into crisis mode whenever she discovers dark spots and discoloration on her skin. This Saturday morning, March 7 on “Salamat  Dok,” Mariel will share her problem and her secrets on how to revive her skin’s flawlessness.

Charice's home exclusively revealed on "Salamat Dok", Nov. 9

"Salamat Dok" gives viewers an exclusive sneak peek and tour of diminutive belter Charice Pempengco's new home on Sunday. Charice also reveals her favorite food choices that may well be the secret behind her powerful voice.

Ara Mina shares diet tips on "Salamat Dok"

Ara Mina takes you to her home and shares with you diet tricks and secrets that enable her to maintain a sexy sultry figure this Sunday (Sept 28) in "Salamat Dok" with Cheryl Cosim.

Vicki Belo tells all this Sunday on "Salamat Dok"

After a one-month hiatus in Paris and shying away from TV guestings, Dr. Vicki Belo gives us the lowdown on the latest techniques in slimming, losing fat and getting that body shape you've always wanted in "Salamat Dok" this Sunday, September 21st.