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Couple transforms 'ihaw-ihaw' stall into restaurant

Both Leslie and Dorie Paelmo did not finish high school. But the couple was driven to give their kids a better life.

Mutya Datul recalls eating insects for dinner

Before her recently-found success, 2013 Miss Supranational Mutya Datul felt the pangs of hunger and poverty. 

'Rated K' goes inside iPad-controlled house

"Rated K" takes viewers on a tour inside one of the few high-tech houses in the country today. 

Ex-janitor transforms house into amusement park

Years of hard work paid off for a former amusement park janitor, who transformed his residence into a hybrid of an amusement park and a resort. 

Korina drives Ninoy's old Mercedes Benz

A Mercedes Benz collector managed to buy a 1963 Mercedes 220 SE which was previously owned by the late Senator Ninoy Aquino. 

WATCH: 2-year-old can read 'abolish pork barrel'

Two-year-old Leroi Alba from Batangas can read, write and even memorize the names of the Philippines' presidents. 

Piece by piece: How Pinay became 'Puzzle Queen'

Gina Lacuna worked at an early age to help her family and support her studies. Later, her little sacrifices paid off and brought her to success. 

Designer Francis Libiran shares fashion secret

Filipino designer Francis Libiran won the admiration of American model Tyra Banks with his creations.

Pinoy chemical engineer becomes millionaire in India

MANILA, Philippines - A Filipino chemical engineer related how he made his first million in India.

How Pinay became 'queen of convenience stores' in New Delhi

MANILA, Philippines - New Delhi's "queen of convenience stores" didn't inherit the throne like those lucky enough to be born into royalty. She also didn't rely on magic for help. In fact, she isn't even Indian.