Patrol ng Pilipino

Patrol ng Pilipino: Fault Line

Sa araw- araw, maraming gawain ang mga tao at hindi na naiisip na kasabay ng paggalaw natin ay ang paggalaw din ng mundong kinatatayuan natin.

Boracay 'reefbuds' aim to revive coral reefs

Environmentalist group Sangkalikasan has launched the “Code Blue” project in an attempt to revive Boracay’s coral reefs. -- Patrol ng Pilipino, ABS-CBN, March 13, 2012

Patrol ng Pilipino: Code Blue Boracay

Boracay is known as the gem of Philippine tourism; bringing on billions of pesos in revenue over the years. The Boracay beach ranks first in Asia and this year was reported by our Department of Tourism to be second best beach in the world. But what we don’t know is that, underneath the eight kilometer-wide sparkling sea, it is like a grave yard of dead corals.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Love teams of the new generation

The passion of onscreen love teams never fail to satisfy Filipinos longing for the perfect romance. There are new love teams fans sigh over nowadays, but pairings from the past still make Filipinos sigh and get dreamy looks in their eyes.

Jacque Manabat's Ronda Patrol

At night, when everyone is asleep, criminals roam. Thus, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has called for Filipinos to be vigilant in fighting crime, especially in big cities. But in the metro where population is high, there are too few police officers to effectively scour the streets of criminals.

'Patrol ng Pilipino' explores cockfighting

MANILA, Philippines -- ABS-CBN reporter Chiara Zambrano explores the world of cockfighting – from the production of winning breeds, to the frenzied fights in large arenas and small ‘tupadas,’ and the animal rights groups that condemn the sport for its shed of blood.

Grace Lee struggles to keep life private

Korea-born TV host and radio jockey Grace Lee, who is currently dating President Benigno Aquino III, admits she is worried about all the attention she is getting. But despite this, she believes that she still has a choice to keep her life private. -- Patrol ng Pilipino, ABS-CBN, February 15, 2012

'Patrol ng Pilipino' profiles Grace Lee

MANILA, Philippines – Korean radio and TV personality Grace Lee has become a hot topic after President Benigno Aquino III revealed that they are seeing each other.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Up Close and Personal with Grace Lee

Soon it will be Valentine's Day --  that time of the year when lovers celebrate their love for each other. It is also the time when single men and women search for their soulmates. For the longest time since Noynoy Aquino became the president of the Philippines media has been after him for being an eligible bachelor. But now there is a new apple of Noynoy's eyes- Grace Lee. Who is Grace Lee? Can she pass the scrutiny of the people as the girlfriend of the president?

'Patrol ng Pilipino' bares Iggy Arroyo story

MANILA, Philippines -- ABS-CBN Europe Bureau correspondent Rose Eclarinal looks into the life of the late Rep. Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo, the controversial younger brother of former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo on Tuesday, February 7, in “Patrol ng Pilipino.”