Krusada: Disasters

ABS-CBN correspondent Alvin Elchico pushes for improved disaster preparedness and management measures for the country. His crusade started when he covered the news about Typhoon Yoyong that hit Aurora in 2004.

Krusada: Soldiers

It is a matter of fact that despite all the controversies that surface against the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the status quo, there are still Filipino soldiers who surrender their lives in true service of the nation.

Krusada: Biliary Atresia

Beyond being a broadcast journalist, Karen Davila is a mother. This is the foremost reason why stories about children, their parents, and the plights that encumber them have always been close to Karen’s heart.

Krusada: Hunger

Two out of ten Filipino families have no food to eat every day due to poverty. The children from these families suffer even more as they struggle in school because of hunger.

Krusada: Fallen Olympic heroes

Long before the entire nation raved about Manny Pacquiao who became a superstar in the professional boxing field, there were amateur boxers who strived and succeeded in the Olympics to bring honor to the country despite only getting paid by medals and momentary fame. At that time, these athletes had unwavering dedication and contribution in spite of the challenges they faced.

Krusada: Road accidents

In this episode of Krusada, Tony Velasquez sought to find the source of the road safety problem in the country.

Krusada: Teenage pregnancy

The role of parents is crucial in every aspect of a child’s life. Guidance and support is important in rearing them to become responsible individuals. Anchor: Bernadette Sembrano.

Krusada: Julius Babao -Housing

Due to lack of development and the lack of employment, people from the rural areas flock to the metropolis.

Krusada: World-class Pinoys

Time and again, we Filipinos or “Pinoys” have proven that we can make it abroad through our creativity and talent—that we are indeed, world-class.

Krusada: CHILD Haus

Fifty-two children and twelve adult patients who came from the provinces with their guardians seek temporary shelter in the Center for Health Improvement and Life Development or CHILD Haus, one of the beneficiaries of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).