SLIDESHOW: Tacloban by night

Darkness quickly engulfs the city as night falls, the city powerless, as it was when super typhoon Yolanda struck and swept the area. If there's any indication that the city is in ruins, it is the absence of electricity and the ensuing silence as pitch darkness sets in.

Everyone retreats to his or her own corner in the dark, halting activities other than cooking, eating, taking a bath and finding a place to sleep. Activities one normally did during the day when there was power take a backseat to the most basic of chores.

Bonfires using scrap wood, abundant in the heaps of debris littering the city, punctuate the black landscape here and there. The scraps of wood are also useful for building temporary shelters for many who lost their houses to the storm surge and powerful wind. The temporary shelters of those left behind to watch their destroyed houses provide the semblance of the neighborhood that once was.

And as you meander thru the streets with only the moon in the sky, silhouettes of tangled branches of leafless trees and twisted metal roofs are reminders of the destruction that has befallen the city, and the nauseous smell a reminder of the corpses still lying around. 

In a devastated city, darkness has a very distinct effect on the senses; never does one feel so bare than when enveloped by the dark.

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