SLIDESHOW: Medical attention needed

The Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center has always received the most patients in Tacloban City being the most advanced of all government hospitals in the region. Locals easily refer to the tertiary government hospital by its initials, EVRMC.

On November 8, super typhoon Yolanda inundated the hospital and nearly washed out the facility, but it didn't change the status of EVRMC. Immediately after the storm surge and the whipping winds brought by Yolanda, patients had nowhere to go but to EVRMC.

With other hospitals, private and public, not functioning because of the damage sustained from the super typhoon, EVRMC had to stay open, despite the damage it also sustained.

Now, supplies have started coming in, and volunteers from all over, even from foreign countries, are arriving. The Department of Health has pinpointed the hospital as the coordinating center for fielding all foreign medical missions arriving in Tacloban City.

It is functioning again as the hospital people rely on in the region, but nowhere is it back to its original state. Like the rest of Tacloban, it is out of critical and just surviving, but it can be months before it can start reclaiming its status as the primary hospital in the region.

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