SLIDESHOW: A week after Yolanda 1

SLIDESHOW: A week after Yolanda

TACLOBAN - A week after 'Yolanda' struck eastern Visayas, Tacloban is still reeling from the devastating effects of the storm surge generated by the super typhoon.

Many did not anticipate the magnitude of Yolanda and the scale of destruction it would leave behind.

Taclobanons and other survivors are still trying to make sense of what's left and how to move on.

After Yolanda destroyed everything they have, many have left their villages altogether, choosing to go on with their lives in other places.

But many have chosen to rebuild their houses on the same space where they once stood.

The government has been slow to respond to the uncertainties, but the system, with the help of foreign friends, is slowly correcting itself.

The situation is still far from returning to normal, and the following scenes won't change much in the weeks ahead.

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