LOOK: Age-defying Dawn Zulueta in magazine shoot

MANILA – Now here is a celebrity who has aged really well.

Dawn Zulueta, who is set to return on television via the upcoming ABS-CBN soap “You’re My Home,” is as elegant as ever as she graces the pages of the lifestyle and entertainment magazine Hola! Philippines.

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In an interview with the magazine, Zulueta shared her thoughts about working again with her long-time love team partner, Richard Gomez, on the big screen in the 2015 movie “The Love Affair.”

“Well, Richard is my friend, so it’s not awkward. I know for some people, it’s hard to understand, but it’s just the way we are; we’re just cool with it. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable about our emotions,” she said.

Both stars are happy with their respective partners – Gomez is married to model-politician Lucy Torres, while Zulueta tied the knot with congressman Anton Lagdameo several years ago.

Referring to her husband, Zulueta said: “We started out as friends since we were teenagers. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was something that grew. And up to now, I am still re-discovering him. I cannot imagine marrying someone else.”

“I think I am so fortunate to have found someone like him: the most faithful, the most loyal, a doting father – I cannot complain. He is everything I ever dreamed of.”

Here are some of the stunning photos of the age-defying Zulueta for Hola! Magazine:

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