Meet the girl behind the new viral 'hugot' ad

MANILA - Breakups can haunt you. An example would be the popularity of the new ad of McDonald's Philippines. In the minute-long clip, a girl's smile quickly drains from her face as she passes by the place where her ex-boyfriend left her in tears.

It has nearly seven million views on Facebook and YouTube combined as of writing, with thousands raving about how relatable and inspiring the ad is.

"This is so me," one of the top comments on the Facebook video read.

The ad stars Star Magic artist and model Elisse Joson, who, based on her Twitter page, is enjoying her newfound popularity as the poster girl for women who overcame heartache.

"Still getting tweets about the McDo commercial. Still so thankful," Joson, 20, wrote as fans flood her with messages of support.

And with many praising the mestiza beauty, who has appeared in TV and film projects starring Daniel Padilla and James Reid, it begs the question: Why would one breakup with this girl over a burger?

Here's a look at some of Joson's best photos from her Instagram account that will surely haunt her fictional ex for years to come:

Mobile users can view the desktop version of the slideshow here.


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