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One of the most dynamic companies of the American contemporary dance scene is in the country to take part in a cultural tour promoting diversity.

To reach out to places which do not have much access to American contemporary dance, DanceMotion USA, a program of the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is sending out dance companies all around the world.

And assigned here in the Philippines is Dance Heginbotham, a dance company which is known for its vibrant, humorous, and theatrically-choreographed dance performances.

Dance Heginbotham's founder and artistic director John Heginbotham said the Philippine folk dances are so awesome that he wanted to use them in his future choreography.

"As America is a melting pot of many different cultures, my choreography is influenced by all the things that I see and some of them things that I see from around the world, I will say the folk dance of the Philippines which has been shared with me during this tour is so awesome that I guarantee you that that is somehow gonna influence my future choreography," he said.

Also part of the tour are workshops conducted by the dance companies for people with disabilities.

Heginbotham said the workshops are a way to give people with disabilities an avenue to express themselves through movement.

"Often times people with disabilities are never given the opportunity to express themselves through movement the way that we have and what we do is we try to offer them an experience where they are going to move from the inside out, so we create a gentle environment, we warm them up really rigorously, we don't try to make things too easy, we try to offer challenge but we also try to offer them a happy environment so that they feel free to move," he said.

On Mornings @ ANC, Dance Heginbotham dancers performed a fun dance number, showing the group's great artistry.