Filipino designer Albert Andrada has a good reason why he designed a relatively "simple" gown for the now Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

“I wanted to focus on Pia’s beauty, her face, so I wanted a gown simple in front. So I don’t like the dress is wearing Pia, it’s the other way around, it should be Pia wearing the dress,” Albert Andrada said on Mornings @ ANC Wednesday.

It proved to be a good decision, as it may have helped Wurtzbach win the pageant.

During the coronation night in Las Vegas, Wurtzbach wore the semi-serpentina blue gown for her evening wear up to the question and answer portion.


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But over-all, Wurtzbach's dark royal blue gown was far from plain with its intricate back design.

Andrada said the gown's back beadwork represented rays of the sun while the bottom draping symbolized various types of fish in the Philippines.

The 'fit for a queen' gown also symbolized royalty and the greatness of the Philippine seas.

Recalling what he felt during the pageant night, Andrada said he was in tears when he saw Pia beautifully wearing his creation.

“When she was in the [top] 10 and she came out in the evening gown, believe it or not, I was in tears. I was in tears when I saw Pia walking down the stage,” he said.

This is reportedly the first time a Philippine bet to the Miss Universe pageant wore a creation by a Filipino designer. In recent pageants, Colombian designers provided the outfit.