iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 3 take the 'bend test'


Posted at Sep 24 2014 04:13 PM | Updated as of Sep 25 2014 07:46 PM

MANILA - Owners of the new iPhone 6 Plus woke up to the news on Wednesday that the device is surprisingly vulnerable to bending.

Several online reports suggest that users accidentally bent their new Apple device after carrying it in their front pockets for a few days.

After reading the reports, Lewis Hilsenteger of gadget review show Unbox Therapy tried bending the iPhone Plus 6 to test out the device's flexibility.

The results verified the claims as Hilsentger managed to leave a permanent bend on the upper half of the device just by applying pressure with his hands.

"Bottom line is, it is an aluminum phone. It is going to bend if you apply enough pressure. Will this happen in your front pocket? It depends on how tight your pants are and how often you are wearing this in your pocket," he said.

Hilsentger also revealed in another video that when he tried to bend the iPhone 6 Plus back to its original form, the screen cracked.

"If your [iPhone 6 Plus] ends up bent, probably just leave it that way because when you attempt to bend it back, you might very well end up cracking the display along with it," he suggested.

Several netizens have already come to the defense of the Apple product, saying a smartphone will bend under the same pressure.

In fact, tech site Mashable reported that the device is not alone in its vulnerability to being warped. The report said the problem was also experienced by some Sony Xperia smartphone users.

Hilsentger, in answering the requests to try the same bend test on another smartphone, made another video hours after where he applied the same pressure to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 -- which is similar in form factor.

"This is amazing! With the same and probably more force, this thing hasn't bent at all, or it bent as I was doing it -- it was creaking and making all kinds of crazy noises but ultimately no damage," he said.

Hilsentger did admit later on the video that the Galaxy Note 3 did warp "a little" and that the plastic build found in the Samsung device is definitely more durable compared to the "very malleable" aluminum construction of the iPhone 6 Plus.