Microsoft urges public to ensure online security


Posted at Mar 07 2014 11:41 PM | Updated as of Mar 08 2014 07:41 AM

MANILA – Microsoft Corporation on Friday urged Filipinos to ensure their security online.

During Microsoft Philippines' Cybersecurity Forum held in Makati Shangri-La, the company's executive director and Digital Crimes Unit associate general counsel David Finn said cybercrime is a booming business for organized crime groups worldwide.

According to Finn, this has led Microsoft to establish its own Digital Crimes Unit Division which is composed of lawyers, intelligence specialist, investigators, law enforcers, and industry partners.

“Why are criminals doing this? To make a lot of money. That’s what criminals do, they go where the money is and it happens to be you can make a lot of money infecting computers and hijacking computers and turning them into drunken army as botnets that do your work for you,” he said.

Finn said that malware-related crimes are the most committed offense in the internet nowadays.

“Now, how do they get infected to begin with? There’s a number of ways organized crime group infects people’s computer without the computer user knowing. The first way, is Spam. The organized crime group sends unsolicited mail, the user clicks on it then Bam! Malicious code is injected into the user’s operating system, software. Now the computer is technically owned by the criminals.”

“Another way the criminals do this is they lure, they entice users to go to websites that are poisonous websites. The user clicks on something, and bam!, again injected with a malicious code that now makes him or her computer owned by the criminal group,” Finn said.

He said internet spamming, clicking malicious websites, and fraud can lead to online larceny. On the other hand, cyber criminals now have the ability to interfere with transactions between people through phishing.

Finn advised Filipinos to invest on a secured information technology system which can eliminate the probability of being exposed to cybercrime activities.