After Flappy Bird, get ready for fish, Bieber, sperm

By Ivy Jean Vibar,

Posted at Mar 06 2014 08:51 PM | Updated as of Mar 07 2014 09:00 PM

MANILA – Flappy Bieber, anyone? How about Flappy Fish or Flappy Sperm?

The success of Flappy Birds has led developers around the world to create their own versions of the mobile game. While some are outright copies of the game, featuring birds as well, others put a different spin to it, some ridiculous and some more successful than others.

Aside from the local version "Pugo," other versions include parodies designed for laughs, featuring flying mustaches, Cupid, spermatozoa, and Justin Bieber, and characters popularized in memes such as Doge, Nyan Cat, and the troll face.

One amusing variant, named Flappy Pipe, turns the tables on the well-loved (or hated) yellow bird, and requires the user to move pipes in order to avoid flying fowl.

While purists may scoff at the clones, players of the original game who are looking for a change ought to find them refreshing. In any case, they make great conversation starters.

Here are some of the numerous "Flappy" games on the Google Play and Apple App stores:

Flappy Stache by Team Chaos (Android and iOS)

One of the best-crafted among the Flappy Birds clones, Flappy Stache is made by Team Chaos, which holds the honor of being a Top Developer in the Google Play Store. The game plays smoothly and builds on the appeal of Flappy Birds by using a different, funnier character and adding music, sounds and animations.

Players get to play as a flying mustache, which gets "shaved" when it gets too close to electric razors which the game uses in place of boring old pipes.

Flappy Fish by Frojo Labs (Android)

This game uses non-pixel drawings, which is refreshing if you want your games to have a more polished look. It is ideal for the young’uns as it has a rather cute fish swimming through obstacles in the ocean.

Honorable mention: Flappy Fish by Octacore (Android) – This game poses a challenge for people who have gotten used to Flappy Birds by inverting the movement of the character. Instead of moving up when the player taps, the fish "dives" or moves down.

Flappy Gangnam by Awesome Crazy Fun Free Kids Games (Android)

This game is great for “Gangnam Style”-obsessed kids, as it allows the player three tries at the same level, and also features a small Psy lookalike flying through large gaps. However, parents should be wary as the game has in-game purchases, and the ads can be annoying.

Flappy Bieber by App5ive (Android)

Fans of Justin Bieber may like Flappy Bieber because they get to control the pop star’s face. His haters would probably enjoy it too, for the privilege of making his disembodied head hit obstacles while the classic cartoon sound signifying dizziness plays.

Flappy Stars - Miley Wrecking Ball Edition by Storm Factory (iOS)

If Justin Bieber is on the Google Play Store, Miley Cyrus is on the Apple App Store. In Flappy Stars, a caricature of Miley Cyrus, complete with protruding tongue and blonde hair, travels through gaps in pipes collecting—and trailing—hearts.

Honorable mention: Fallout Birds – This game features the members of the band Fall Out Boy. Instead of pipes, the band members have to pass through gaps in between guitars.

Flappy Troll by EgxGameFree (Android)

Set against a scene of the city by night, Flappy Troll stars the troll face, first popularized online as a meme. The troll face must avoid pipes just like in the original. Game play seems easier than the original, as the troll face does not jump too high when the screen is tapped, allowing for more controlled movements.

Flappy Sperm by mantisincgameproductions (Android)

This game presents a reproductive health angle, prominently featuring a spermatozoa swimming through a woman’s reproductive tract in its quest to fertilize the egg cell. The title screen also features a condom, with the text "Birth Control." While probably not for young children, the game ought to provide some hours of tongue-in-cheek fun for open-minded adults.

Flappy Pipe by WAEEBA (Android)

If you thought Flappy Bird was difficult, you should try playing Flappy Pipe. This clone game reverses the original—instead of players controlling the bird, they control the pipes. If you’ve mastered the original game, this ought to present much more of a challenge, as you have to perfect just when to move the pipes so the bird is able to move through the gap.

Flappy Pipe – Revenge of the Birds by Ben Gaddy (iOS)

In this game, as the name implies, it is the pipe's turn to fly and run smack into birds. It is a fun twist to the game, with the pipe inexplicably growing wings and sharp-beaked birds threatening its every move. Learning to control the flying pipe presents a challenge, as even a slight tap makes the pipe fly way up, and not tapping makes it quickly fall down.

Flappy Superhero Birds by Free Hot Games (iOS)

This game proves harder to play than Flappy Birds, as instead of tapping, you have to hold your finger down on the screen and release as needed in order to get the bird to remain at the best height to avoid obstacles and get the rewards. As the developers say in the game’s description in the App Store, it is "possibly the hardest game in the world!" You have been warned.