Pia Wurtzbach answers questions from Miss Universe fans


Posted at Dec 16 2015 12:50 PM

MANILA – Pia Wurtzbach took over the official Facebook account of Miss Universe on Wednesday, answering questions from pageant fans across the globe.

Miss Universe regularly features candidates on its social media pages, showing clips and photos to introduce them to the world. Some beauty queens are given the opportunity to interact with fans through the international pageant’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts – and the Filipina beauty queen is one of the select few.

Here’s a look at some of Wurtzbach’s responses during the Miss Universe Facebook Q&A:

On what makes her stand out in Miss Universe: “Definitely my determination. My fellow countrymen have witnessed my journey towards Miss Universe. The fact that I joined Miss Philippines 3 years in a row determines how much I really want this. I didn’t let anyone or anything stop me from getting here. I’m so glad I never lost my drive because turns out, I was right! Now I’m finally wearing the Philippine sash in the most prestigious pageant in the world. And I couldn’t be happier! So kids, if you have a dream, don’t give up!”

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On handling pressure in Miss Universe: “By turning it into motivation.”

On her best friends in Miss Universe: “Miss Malaysia, Miss China and Miss Myanmar. The four of us are under one supervisor, Krystle Ng. And we kind of have to stick together all the time for security purposes. So I’ve grown close to them and they’re really cool.”

On her Miss Universe journey: “Unforgettable. I can’t believe it will be over next week! I don’t wanna go!”

On what the Miss Universe crown means to her: “It means the Universe to us! It would put me in a position where I can promote all the causes I believe in and promote tourism in the Philippines.”

On what she would do first if she wins the Miss Universe crown: “Run to my sister and give her a big hug! She’s the one who convinced me to join Miss Philippines this year (my 3rd attempt) and I finally got it. Thank you, Sarah!”

On choosing between true love or the Miss Universe crown: “True love waits. Haha. I’ll take the crown.”

On how she sees herself after the pageant: “They say that once you compete, you’ll never be the same person after. For all the good reasons. So I see myself with a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, more knowledge on other countries/nations, more knowledge on my own country and hopefully I’ll walk out of this pageant making all of you proud.”

On the “true” measure of success: “Contentment. You can be the CEO of a big company and still be unhappy. You can also pass an exam and feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Success all depends on how happy you are.”

On her priorities should she be given the chance to be a leader in the Philippines: “Education, medical care and job opportunities.”

On the “greatest” gift she has ever received: “I haven’t received it yet.”

On the battle against terrorism: “Malala once said, “With guns you can kill terrorists but with education you can kill terrorism.”

On her favorite food: “I’m a sucker for sweets. I love desserts so much I could eat them all day! Ahhh… daydreaming now.”

On falling in love with a person who turns out to be gay: “We’d celebrate his femininity together! I may have lost a lover but I found a best friend! Haha.”

On “forever:” “Walang forever. #teamsawi.”

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On what makes her cry: “When I think of everything I’ve had to go through to get here. It’s very humbling. God knows how much I’ve wanted this. When I think of all the things that happened to me for me to get here, it makes me tear up. Usually in bed when I’m about to go to sleep. Haha.”

On what makes her beautiful: “My sense of humor, definitely.”