CNN website: PH has longest Christmas celebration


Posted at Dec 11 2012 06:42 PM | Updated as of Dec 12 2012 04:51 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The Christmas celebration in the Philippines, which is dubbed as the longest in the world, gets a global audience as it was featured in the website of CNN.

In an article titled “The Philippines shows the world how to celebrate Christmas,” author Sarah Brown noted that the country may be the place where one can find “the most Christmas spirit in the world.”

The Philippines celebrates Christmas, observed on December 24 and 25 in most countries, as early as September 1.

“The Southeast Asian island nation has the world’s longest festive season – and pulls no punches in its celebratory zeal for the period, with lavish light displays, masses and festivals held throughout the country from September until January,” Brown wrote in the article which was published on the CNN website on December 5.

“While many countries concentrate on the commercial side of Christmas, Filipinos attend several masses throughout the Christmas season and faith forms an intrinsic part of celebrations,” she added.

The CNN article took a look at Filipino Christmas traditions such as the “Simbang Gabi,” a series of masses held over nine nights until Christmas Eve, the native lantern called “parol” and the “Noche Buena” or the Christmas Eve meal.

It also included local stories from its citizen journalists called “iReporters.”

“In addition to the aforementioned Christmas Eve dinner, scores of delicious and often highly unusual dishes are prepared for Filipinos to gorge themselves on. These include puto bumbong, glutinous purple rice stuffed into bamboo tubes with butter, sugar and coconut, and keso de bola, balls of cheese with red waxy coverings,” Brown wrote. (To know more about Filipino Christmas food, click here )

A number of Internet users, mostly Filipinos, commented on the article, saying that they are proud of the country’s long Christmas celebration.

“Christmas in our country is the best, what can I say,” said user Babes-au M. De Leon.

“Happy holidays everyone! Christmas is more fun in the Philippines. That’s for sure,” added user Noypistuff.

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