Binondo food tour ends as wedding proposal


Posted at Dec 04 2013 07:21 PM | Updated as of Dec 05 2013 03:52 AM

MANILA – Another unique wedding proposal has sent netizens abuzz, and it does not involve a hostage drama.

The proposal of consultant Ross Garcia to his girlfriend of almost two years, medical student Jella Mercado, involved a lot of characters. Aside from their respective families and friends, Garcia also tapped a videographer, the tour group Old Manila Walks, and the marching band of the City of Manila to be part of his project.

The script? Mercado was made to believe that she was part of a food tour.

“Ross told me that Old Manila Walks was offering him a 50% discount on the Binondo Food Tour. He said he was given a discount because this tour was going to be documented and would be used as tourism promotions for the City of Manila,” recalled Mercado in the accompanying text of the video of the proposal, which she uploaded on YouTube.

The tour proceeded as planned, with Mercado, Garcia and the rest of the group sampling different dishes in Binondo. Their last stop was the Eng Bee Tin hopia shop, when Mercado heard a marching band perform.

“After shopping for hopia, when we got out of the store, the marching band started playing the Ryzza Mae Chacha song (guilty pleasure hahaha). At this point, I was still oblivious, but then there were 2 rows of policemen escorts and Ross insisted we walk in between them, in front of the band. I started to wonder what was going on when we were already nearing the plaza. Ross suddenly disappeared cos (sic) he said he was going to change his shirt, and he left me with Nina. Haha!” Mercado wrote.

The next thing she knew, she was greeted by balloons and roses, with the band playing her favorite song.

“Ross eventually emerged from the crowd as the band was playing Coldplay’s The Scientist. I was already very very ugly from all the tears, but that didn’t stop him from saying all these nice lovey stuff… getting down on his knee, showing me a very pretty ring, and asking me to marry him,” she wrote.

After saying yes, the sky was filled with fireworks.

“Literally, it was absolutely perfect. Except for my melted makeup. And how sana pala I was wearing heels. But pretty much, it was perfect,” she wrote.

The proposal video, taken by Bob Nicolas, has been going around on social media sites, with netizens praising Garcia for his efforts.

In an e-mail interview with, Mercado said she and Garcia plan to tie the knot in “middle of next year,” after she takes the medical board exams.

Just last week, a wedding proposal involving a staged hostage drama made the rounds online. Netizens had mixed views on the video, with some calling it dangerous.